Downton Abbey series four, episode six – preview pictures and predictions

A look ahead to the sixth episode of series four, accompanied by Ellie Walker-Arnott's patented guessing game...


This week’s Downton Abbey saw the arrival of Thomas’s O’Brien replacement, new lady’s maid Baxter. The newbie set about charming Cora and forging friendships with the staff, but if Thomas has anything to do with it, there’s sure to be an ulterior motive at work… 


Alfred decided it was time to pack in being a footman and applied to a cookery course at The Ritz no less. Daisy helped him perfect his bechemel but the aspiring chef still missed the cut. We doubt he’ll be serving soup for much longer though. 

Back upstairs Branson was still feeling out of place and mused about leaving the Crawley’s and heading across the pond to America where Sybie could be more than just “the daughter of an uppity chauffeur.” His words, not ours. 

Meanwhile Edith hadn’t heard from Gregson since their naughty sleepover the week before. And was seen taking a trip to the doctors in London. Could trouble (in the shape of a mini Gregson) be on the horizon for the unlucky-in-love lass? 

Things (finally) came to a head between Anna and Bates after he went back to his wily ways and eavesdropped on Mrs Hughes. She caved and told him the truth, sans name of Anna’s attacker, and all seemed to be well. But at the end of the episode Bates, in true behind-bars style, threateningly declared that nothing was over and nothing was done with. Looks like he’s on the warpath. Eek! 

But what’s going to happen in the next episode? We’ve put on our thinking caps and made some spurious suggestions… 

Keeping your wits about you, eh? Wise gentlemen.

Remember Evelyn Napier, the one on the left? As former travelling partner of the late Pamuk (you know, the one who was never seen alive again after Lady Mary took him to her bed) it’s in his interest to keep his eyes peeled for any suspicious behaviour. If we were him we’d keep away from deadly Downton all together…

As for Charles Blake, it’s likely he won’t be around much longer. As if being a love interest of Mary’s and a friend of Napier’s isn’t enough of a warning bell, once Violet learns that he’s pro the decline of the aristocracy, his days will most certainly be numbered. 

Oh, how the mighty have fallen…  If you thought filling Alfred’s shoes as a footman was bad, wearing an apron and serving a maid tea is even worse. To add insult to injury, nobody even knows that maid’s name. That’ll teach you for being pompous, Molesley.

Oh lord. Daisy looks as though she’s seen something she shouldn’t again. Could it be the kitchen maid has spied Cora dragging another cold corpse across the Abbey? Mary can’t have done it again, can she?

More likely she’s trying to trick Alfred into a little heavy petting in the old ice house. Presumably, there’s now a new refrigerator, so the empty store is the perfect place to profess her love for the soon-to-depart footman. No time like the present. It is the 1920s, Daisy. Time for young ladies to be bold. 

We know Anna and Bates truly are love’s young(ish) dream… but they are doing a good impression of hating each other here.

Anna’s not just a pretty face. A fancy dinner in a fancy restaurant doesn’t disguise the fact that silly old Bates is on the warpath again. Forget about the scallops with pancetta and cauliflower textures, a trip away from Downton is probably all a ploy to kick off his murderous rampage. Perhaps he’s planning on meeting up with a few of his old prison pals in the kitchens to collect some weapons. Daggers, rope, lead piping, candlesticks… You know the drill. 

Shock and horror. With horrified expressions like these pulled out so frequently, it’s hard to know what level of drama has arisen here… 

Has Violet turned up at the Abbey in her casuals? Or Branson scarpered to America, taking Sybie and all of the Crawley’s gold bullion with him? Perhaps Isobel has bought her most recent down-and-out to dine? Or Edith’s revealed that she’s carrying the illegitimate child of married newspaper editor Gregson, who has handily disappeared to Germany? 

Jimmy’s taking his top off in the yard again, eh? The handsome footman must have been watching the diet coke advert again (it was around in those days, wasn’t it?), and has won himself a sizeable audience. His new squeeze Ivy has every right to watch him (it’s not called stalking if you’re in a relationship, okay?) but he must be sporting some impressive abs under that footman’s jacket if angelic Anna and Mrs Patmore have been tempted to a gaze… We thought better of you, ladies. 

Downton Abbey continues on Sunday at 9:00pm on ITV.