Benedict Cumberbatch couldn’t help acting like Sherlock when he met Fifth Estate co-star

Daniel Bruhl reveals that Benny C tried to guess what he had for breakfast when they first met

Benedict Cumberbatch is so involved with his role as Sherlock that when he met his co-star in his latest film he couldn’t help acting like the Baker Street sleuth.


Daniel Bruhl, who plays Daniel Domscheit-Berg, Assange’s right hand man in Cumberbatch’s latest release The Fifth Estate, says that the actor couldn’t help coming over all Sherlockian on their first encounter.

“A kind of frightening thing happened,” Bruhl is quoted as saying of their first encounter in Time magazine.

“The first time I met him in London for rehearsal, he took one look at me and told me what I had had for breakfast.”

Bruhl adds: “I said ‘Hi Sherlock, nice to meet you’. And he said, ‘Sorry, sorry, I just can’t let go of that part’”.

Cumberbatch is the current cover star of the iconic American weekly, joining the ranks of stars ranging from Michael Jackson to Julia Roberts, and fellow Brits including Kate Winslet and Daniel Day Lewis.

The interview also appears to give weight to rumours that Cumberbatch will be playing Hamlet on the London stage in the autumn.


It says that Cumberbatch is “scheduled” to play the part but does not contain any direct quotes from the actor.