Breaking Bad the opera – yes, this is happening

New York’s One World Symphony is working on a mini-opera and you can help it come together

Stop everything. There is going to be a Breaking Bad mini-opera and you can help come up with ideas for it.


It almost makes the end of the show easier to cope with. Almost.

New York based company One World Symphony is putting together the production, entitled Breaking Bad – Ozymandias.

The stage show will pull themes from both the series and Percy Bysshe Shelley’s sonnet Ozymandias (also the title of one of the latter episodes of Breaking Bad, as fans will be aware).

It will be performed on 26 and 27 January 2014 in New York, but in the mean time composer Sung Jin Hong is looking for ideas. Yes, your ideas.

Hong writes on the website, “I have decided to compose Breaking Bad – Ozymandias (2014). How will I compose this mini-opera? Should I consider having specific characters from the drama? How about setting my music to unforgettable moments from the show? Should I focus instead on Shelley’s sonnet, devoted to a single metaphor for the pride and then unrelenting pursuit for power? It is tempting to fully dive into the universe of Breaking Bad and embrace its elements, depicting moral choices.

“In the next three months this page will share ideas, impressions, developments and possible trajectories of Breaking Bad – Ozymandias (2014). If you have any questions or thoughts, please email at:”

Well, we’ve already had Walter White (sort of) sing My Way and a Breaking Bad-themed middle school musical and after a little bit of a Google, we would like to see a little bit of this going on. Just a tad more operatic perhaps…