Celebrity Breaking Bad fans – from Ricky Gervais to Rihanna

Katherine Kelly, Keith Richards and Zach Braff also list the meth-fuelled drama among their top-rated shows

Breaking Bad has had fans totally gripped and today the final episode landed. Even the celebrities have been hooked on Heisenberg. Check out these famous fans talking about all things BB…


Ricky Gervais

Not only does Derek star Ricky Gervais have his own dedicated fan art Twitter page, they went ahead and created this super cool snap of he and his The Office co-star Mackenzie Crook in full Breaking Bad get up. Gervais shared the snap with BB star Aaron Paul. We’re sure he approves. 

Katherine Kelly

Katherine Kelly, star of The Field of Blood and The Guilty, says cult hit Breaking Bad is among her top TV choices, telling Radio Times:

“I don’t like things which tick boxes 100% – I like programmes that have a bit of everything sprinkled in them. One of my favourite shows of the past ten years is Breaking Bad. Now I suppose that’s a crime drama – I mean, the lead character is a criminal and someone is trying to figure out a crime – but to me it is so character driven. There are so many twists and turns and questions of whether he’s a goodie or a baddie. I like the complexity of that.”

Keith Richards

In an interview with RadioTimes.com, Dean Norris, who plays Breaking Bad’s Hank, revealed that Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards is a fan of the show:

“Keith Richards man! Wow. He said, Hank, c’mere man and give us a hug, so I did and we talked. It was cool.

“We had heard he was into the show and we have often talked about who likes it. On the show we sometimes spend time hearing about what kind of cool people like the show and he’s definitely one of them.”

Brendan Coyle

Best know for playing Downton Abbey’s valet-cum-potential-murderer Bates, Coyle admits he got into the show late, but is a big fan. Talking to RadioTimes.com, Coyle said:

“I’m so behind, but Breaking Bad is blowing my mind right now. As is the Killing and Borgen. I’m always a year behind everyone else.”

Zach Braff

The former Scrubs star-turned-director has an idea how Breaking Bad could be even better.

On combining his two favourite shows, Braff tweeted, “Mine would be Breaking Bad Girls”. 

Family Guy

Even Family Guy’s Peter Griffin has been spreading the Breaking Bad message… 


Singer Rihanna has been so excited about Breaking Bad, she jumped on Twitter to express her panic at having three episodes to catch up on before she could watch the new series. Word to the wise – stay off social media if you don’t want to know what’s happened in the final episode Ri Ri.  

Peter Andre

Not only has pop star Peter revealed he’s a fan of Breaking Bad, he’s gone and written his own little guide to the show. Pete’s ‘Popcorn Moments’ even come complete with five facts and the reason he got into the show… his bank manager.