William Boyd: I want Daniel Day-Lewis to play James Bond

The author of new 007 novel Solo has hinted the three-time Oscar-winning British actor would be a good fit for his Bond

Check out Daniel Day-Lewis looking dapper in his tux at this year’s Oscars – don’t you think he’d make the perfect Bond? William Boyd certainly thinks so, and said as much during his promotional tour for his new 007 novel, Solo. 


Speaking to press about his take on Ian Fleming’s super spy, Boyd revealed he had based his protagonist’s physical characteristics on American jazz singer Hoagy Carmichael who passed away in 1981, aged 82. So is there a modern-day actor who could replicate Carmichael’s image if Solo were to make the journey to the silver screen? Yes, yes there is…

“Daniel Day-Lewis looks like Hoagy Carmichael,” mused Boyd. “He is a tall, lean, rangy, very dark-haired, good-looking man. Almost swarthy. And there is a sense in which that image was what he saw Bond looking like. So that’s why I chose him.” Daniel-Die-Another-Day-Lewis, anyone? 

The 56-year-old British actor is regarded by many as the finest actor of his generation, having received three Oscars and two nominations during an illustrious career that has included lead roles in Lincoln, There Will Be Blood and My Left Foot. Any speculation that he could be the seventh actor to portray Fleming’s spy will no doubt excite fans of the franchise, which is expected to begin production on its 24th film early next year. Watch out, Daniel Craig…