Better Call Saul! Breaking Bad spinoff confirmed

It may soon be the end of the brilliant AMC show - but it won't be the last we'll see of one of the programme's most colourful characters


For Breaking Bad fans whose anxieties reach a new threshold every week as the acclaimed crime drama gets another step closer to the end, there is one silver lining – Saul Goodman is sticking around for a little while longer.


That’s right; the long-rumoured whispers of a Breaking Bad spinoff have come true.

AMC and Sony Pictures TV announced on Wednesday that after much negotiation (we imagine it to be not unlike Hank and Walt’s garage showdown), they have reached a deal to move forward with the series.

Tentatively and appropriately entitled Better Call Saul!, the spinoff will be a prequel starring Bob Odenkirk as our favourite sleazy criminal lawyer, and will showcase Saul’s colourful development long before he meets infamous duo Walter White and Jesse Pinkman. That means fans are still left in the dark as to whether the man with a plan makes it out of the Breaking Bad finale unscathed.

The spinoff is expected to have a lighter tone than its gritty predecessor and will be spearheaded by series writer and producer Peter Gould who, it turns out, wrote the first episode Saul appeared in back in the season two. Breaking Bad showrunner Vince Gilligan is also expected to be involved in the new project.

A formal series order won’t come until Gould, Gilligan and Odenkirk finalize details of the new show, so fans will have to wait to find out when they can expect the return of the eccentric lawyer we all wish we could call when we’re in a bind.

Breaking Bad concludes in the US on 29 September and will be available on Netflix UK the following day.