Benedict Cumberbatch does a Sherlock

An interview with Cumberbatch turns into dictionary corner


Sherlock fans will be all too aware that the detective can be a bit of stickler for good grammar. We’ve seen him in action, reprimanding a prisoner for incorrect usage, accompanied by a lot of very Sherlock-style sighing and eye rolling (see the clip below).


Well now Benedict Cumberbatch has had a bit of a Sherlock moment himself, taking time out in the middle of an interview to ensure the correct definition of a word is understood.

While probing the star about his latest role as WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange in The Fifth Estate, a journalist from the Hollywood Reporter suggests Cumberbatch “obfuscates” in his answers.

Cumberbatch replies, “You’re saying that I’m using hollow symbols, which I’m not.”

The reporter responds, “I didn’t say ‘hollow symbols’.”

Cumberbatch hits back, “Well, ‘obfuscate’ is a distraction from truth.”

The reporter claims, “It doesn’t go that deep into truth.”


We checked out the Oxford Dictionary definition, just to clear the matter up:

Obfuscate means to make obscure, unclear or unintelligible.

Should we play the Countdown music now?