Downton Abbey’s Michelle Dockery: I love being a bitch

The actress who plays Lady Mary has admitted that she relishes being mean - and it's a good job too...


Downton Abbey’s Michelle Dockery has admitted that she loves playing a bitch in the hit ITV period drama – which is a good thing really, as Lady Mary is about to get a whole lot bitchier…


After spending the majority of series three loved up with new husband Matthew, the start of the fourth series finds her newly widowed, and with a brand new baby to look after too. The hard-edged Mary we used to know and love is well and truly back.

“Mary is a very different character to who I am and she can be incredibly mean – and I really love playing those moments when she is,” said Dockery. “Yeah, it’s awful but I love being a bitch!”

“I can be very shy but when I act I’m a complete extrovert and there is a kind of buzz about that and about losing control,” she told The Sun.

“That crazy, liberating thing of playing something that’s nothing like yourself – it’s what I love about it. I’m not really a bitch, I’m very nice! But it’s those parts of ourselves that we’re afraid of that we don’t tap into as much and that’s what’s so enjoyable about being an actor.”

Downton Abbey returns to ITV this autumn for its fourth series