Sherlock series three episode one director: “We did a few false shots”

Jeremy Lovering has revealed how he coped with the glare of publicity and why he "absolutely loves" Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman


Director Jeremy Lovering had a tough gig earlier this year. Not only did he have to deliver a cracking follow-up to last year’s Sherlock cliffhanger, The Reichenbach Fall, but he also had the unenviable task of directing in front of hoards of expectant fans and media. 


During filming on The Empty Hearse – the first episode of series three – earlier this year, the cast and crew, including stars Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, were spotted shooting scenes explaining the truth behind Sherlock’s death-defying plunge. But according to Lovering, not everything we saw will make it into the final cut. “We did a few false shots,” he revealed. “There will be things that people saw that have nothing to do with it. That’s the way we handled it.”

So that time we spotted Derren Brown on set sending Martin Freeman into a trance could just be a ruse? We were looking forward to guessing how that one played out…

Speaking to Flicks and the City at a preview for his new film In Fear, Lovering heaped praise on his Sherlock leading men, calling Cumberbatch and Freeman “amazing actors.” 

“I love them, absolutely love them. They’re genius. Martin – his comic timing is second to none. Benedict is very fun and brilliant and there were moments when I genuinely felt massively inspired. I felt very lucky to be working with them.”

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