What would happen if the National Grid went down? Channel 4 investigates…

Blackout combines real footage with scripted drama to see how the UK would cope without electricity


Power cuts were fun when you about five years old. Scary, yes. But fun. It meant the torches and candles came out and everyone had to actually talk to each other.


But five days of darkness? That’s something else.

Based on expert advice and countless hours of research, Channel 4’s feature-length drama Blackout takes real life archived footage from blackouts and combines it with scripted drama. Additional amateur video footage combines to explore the terrifying reality of Britain in the darkness.

No kettle, no fridge, no TV (heaven forbid!) is one thing. But how does a blackout on this level impact emergency services, transport and hospitals?

And what if it was a planned cyber attack?

Chaos ensues as Blackout explores the five days of ‘what if?’ in a society plunged into darkness and suddenly out of control.

The film is directed by BAFTA-winner Ben Chanan who says: “I’m delighted Channel 4 have commissioned such a bold and experimental programme, cross-cutting actors with video-bloggers, shooting drama on mobiles, taking an anarchic approach to filming Britain in anarchy.”

Blackout will hit our screens in September.