Homeland series 3: Who should we trust in the new teaser trailer?

The pressure is on in new footage from Homeland series 3 as Carrie and Saul have their say about the CIA explosion


The pressure is mounting as we edge closer to the premiere of Homeland series three. And it’s not just us fans who are feeling tense.


A new 34 second teaser trailer sees the spotlight fall on three of our core characters as questions are asked about who is responsible for the explosive ending to season two.

First we see Brody’s confession video, then Carrie protesting Brody’s innocence with the words “I don’t think Brody did it. I don’t think Brody knew the bomb was in his car” before Saul defends Carrie’s words, putting her protestation down to her “unstable” mental state.

But who is telling the truth? Brody did intend on setting off his suicide vest in the series one finale, so why wouldn’t he be the one to plant a bomb at the CIA? It was a memorial for a man he murdered, remember. AND the bomb was in his car. But was he the one to put it there? And who moved it to the front of the building?

One person who is certain of Brody’s innocence is Carrie. But how much does she really know about him? We know he’s a master at keeping secrets and her feelings for the ex-Marine have clouded her vision in the past. From the looks of the longer season trailer, Carrie is in a bad way. If she’s off her medication and off the rails, can we really trust what she says?

Saul certainly doesn’t think so, calling her “unstable” before stressing that he is still on her side. But how much does Saul know about the CIA explosion? Does he know where Carrie was after the bomb went off? Is he aware of more than he is letting on?

Watch the trailer for yourself:


Homeland returns to Channel 4 later this year.