Benedict Cumberbatch: I’m very flattered by being thought of as intelligent

The Sherlock star says a quiz show would soon reveal the holes in his knowledge


Benedict Cumberbatch certainly seems to have the answers when playing Sherlock Holmes in BBC hit Sherlock. Who else could jump off of a building, survive and hide the secret to how he did it for so long?


But off screen, Cumberbatch isn’t so sure of his intellectual prowess.

“I’m very flattered by being thought of as intelligent on screen,” Cumberbatch tells Entertainment Weekly, “But should I ever do a Jeopardy!-type quiz show, I think people would soon see the Swiss-cheese holes in my brain.” 

We’re not sure his army of fans would believe him. Cumbers would have quiz team offers pouring in.

Cumberbatch is soon to return to the big screen – having recently played Khan in Star Trek Into Darkness – as whistleblower Julian Assange in The Fifth Estate, a film based on real life events that saw an internet upstart become a platform for high-profile data leaks.

All sounds pretty intelligent to us.