Glee creator reveals plans for a Cory Monteith tribute episode before “long hiatus”

Ryan Murphy has said Lea Michele and the cast of Glee will return to work to film a goodbye to Finn before the show takes an extended break


Glee creator Ryan Murphy has said that the cast will film a tribute to the late Cory Monteith.


Murphy has revealed that the cast will return to work to film three episodes, a two-part Beatles special and a tribute to Monteith and his character Finn Hudson, before the show will break for an unspecified amount of time.

“We will begin shooting in late August the two shows we had already written, so that people can physically go back to work,” said the Glee creator – whose TV CV also includes American Horror Story: Asylum.

He added in his interview with Deadline: “We will then do an episode that will deal with the death of Finn’s character and follow that with a long hiatus. I don’t know exactly when we will come back, and we are trying our best with this attempt at damage control.”

It seems the decision to return to work so quickly was a difficult one to make.  “We were left with the decision, what do you do? Do you cancel, shut down the show? Come back in December and January?” said Murphy. “We considered every option, and decided to do what the cast and crew felt best, the people who had something unique with Cory, who loved him. They wanted to be back on the set, where there is a sense of security, and where they can grieve together and talk about him.”

The final decison to return so quickly was made by Monteith’s long term girlfriend and fellow Glee star Lea Michelle. “Lea blessed every decision. I told her even I don’t know what to do. I don’t know how to write about the death of someone I love. She wanted people to be together. She and Cory were the young leads of that show, the A story. Lea has been a leader all through this difficult process.”

Giving everyone a chance to say goodbye to Monteith’s character was something Murphy felt the fans would want, too: “For many of the people we work with who are very young, and also for the fans of the show, this is probably the first time they have experienced death, and that was not lost on any of us here.”


The 31-year-old Monteith died last week following an overdose of drink and drugs. He had struggled with substance addiction in the past, most recently spending time in rehab during April of this year.