Mad Men’s fashion designer lands her own TV show

Janie Bryant, the woman responsible for creating designs worn by Joan Harris and Betty Draper, will front a new design competition series


We’ve all fawned over the glamorous ensembles of Mad Men’s Joan Harper and Betty Draper, but what of the woman responsible for their sixties style? Janie Bryant, the Emmy award-winning costume designer on Matthew Weiner’s hit US series, has long had us longing for the glamorous heyday of Madison Avenue. From the suave suits of Don Draper & co to the sartorial sassiness of their female counterparts, the woman has inspired a new adoration for the swinging sixties.


Now she’s stepping out from behind the camera to front a new fashion competition series which will see wannabe designers tasked with creating various garments in the style of classic Hollywood films or a celebrity’s signature style.

The show – which is being developed with E.J. Johnston and James Deutch, co-creators of NBC’s Fashion Star – will pay homage to the likes of Audrey Hepburn, Cary Grant and Grace Kelly, with Bryant and a panel of judges deciding on a weekly basis which contestant has best completed the challenge. 


“We loved the idea of tapping into someone like Bryant, who is great at finding a look and designing costumes for film and TV and seeing how it translates into the real world.” Deutch told Deadline. “Janie totally gets how to translate Hollywood to mainstream fashion.”