Do you want to know a Sherlock series 3 secret?

BBC1 to make an announcement at 11:30am on Facebook and Twitter showing fans how to uncover the final episode title of series three


Those Sherlock folk do like to tease us. After revealing the titles of the first two episodes of series three as The Empty Hearse and The Sign of Three, they’ve decided to make fans work a little harder to uncover the name of the third and final instalment. 


Any Sherlock enthusiasts (and we know there are a few of you) eager to find out how to unlock the elusive third title should keep an eye out on BBC1’s Twitter and Facebook pages this morning for an important announcement at 11:30am. 

That’s all we’re saying for now (our hands are tied), but don’t forget to look out for details later this morning on for how you can channel your inner detective and decipher Sherlock Holmes’s latest cryptic clue…


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