Radio Times Audience Award: The cast of Call the Midwife – UK vs US

Jessica Raine, Helen George and Bryony Hannah choose between the US and the UK



London or LA? London. LA is not my favourite city.

Pint or smoothie? It depends whether you’re feeling really healthy… smoothie.

Selfridges or Bloomingdales? I don’t really know Bloomingdales, so Selfridges.

Roast beef or beef burger? I love a burger.

Soccer or American football? No interest in either.

Meryl Streep or Helen Mirren? That’s really mean. Both. Mixed up together – a hybrid form of an incredible actor.

Ridley Scott or Steven Spielberg? Because I have worked with Ridley Scott and I love the alien films, I have to go with Ridley Scott.

Scotch or bourbon? Scotch.

Full English or pancakes with maple syrup? Full English.

Doctor Who or Superman? Doctor Who!

Jonathan Ross or Jon Stewart? Who’s Jon Stewart? I’ll have to say Jonathan Ross.

Cameron or Obama? Oh my god! Obama. Get that right: Obama.

West End or Broadway? That’s really difficult. Both.

Little Chef or McDonalds? That’s slim pickings!


London or LA? London, definitely.

Pint or smoothie? Smoothie. I can’t drink a pint. I get too drunk too quickly.

Roast beef or beef burger? Roast beef every time.

Soccer or American football? English football. Not soccer. Call it football. My dad is a massive Villa fan. So am I.

Jack Russell or Chihuahua? Well, I’ve got a Jack Russell called Charlie.

Scotch or Bourbon? Scotch, although I only ever have it when I’m really drunk at the end of the night.

Cadbury’s or Hershey’s? Cadburys because my grandmother used to live next to the Cadbury’s factory, so that was a big part of my childhood.

Full English or pancakes with maple syrup? I fell in love with pancakes when I was in New York. A good hangover cure!

Toast or a bagel? In New York I also had bagels with proper cream cheese – it’s like fluffy, cow’s cream cheese, it’s amazing. So definitely bagels.

Doctor Who or Superman? Doctor Who. I love Matt Smith.

Cameron or Obama? I’d rather not answer that one, thank you very much.

West End or Broadway? Draw.


London or LA? Definitely London, it’s more cosy.

Pint or smoothie? A cheeky pint.

Roast beef or beef burger? Burger.

Jack Russell or Chihuahua? A scruffy Jack Russell please.

Meryl Streep or Helen Mirren? Can’t choose. Both are goddesses.

Ridley Scott or Steven Spielberg? I’ll go Spielberg. You can’t beat E.T.

Scotch or Bourbon? Bourbon with coca-cola please.

Full English or pancakes with maple syrup? Birthday breakfast is always pancakes.

Toast or bagel? Toast and marmite with a cuppa tea.

Doctor who or Superman? I think you’d have more laughs with Doctor Who.

Cameron or Obama? Obama big time.

Big Ben or Empire State? Big Ben chiming on a foggy London night.

West End or Broadway? Everyone dreams of Broadway.

Martha or Delia? Delia’s cookbook has never failed me.

Brogues or deck shoes? Brogues! love them.

Little chef or McDonalds? You don’t get a lolly at McDonalds.

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Call the Midwife
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