Why you should investigate Veronica Mars

There are more reasons than a forthcoming film to get the sassy self-made spy on your radar, says Ellie Walker-Arnott


Veronica Mars hit the headlines recently for its record-breaking Kickstarter appeal. But there are more reasons than a forthcoming feature film to get sassy self-made spy V Mars back on your radar…


Starring Kristen Bell, Tina Majorino, Jason Dohring, Enrico Colantoni and Teddy Dunn, Veronica Mars ran for three series between 2004 and 2007 before it was pulled unceremoniously off the schedules.

The drama is set in an American school, Neptune High, but this is no High School Musical and V Mars’s school days aren’t anything like your average. While TV land would have us believe your typical teen spends her days trying to get dates while perfecting her hair-curling technique, V Mars has bigger fish to fry. She’s doing her calculus revision while earning pocket money as a private detective.

Kristen Bell plays our confident, capable heroine. She’s honest, a little bit gritty and instantly likeable. The kinda self-assured gal who know what she wants (whether that’s an extension on her English homework or for the bad guy to be behind bars) and knows how to get it.

Each episode sees her solving her classmate’s cases (finding missing dogs/stopping the circulation of a sex tape, that kinda thing) as well as dealing with darker, more dangerous cases of date rape, depression, drugs… And murder. Namely that of her best friend Lilly Kane. (Who, incidentally, is played by pre-fame Amanda Seyfried.)

American network The CW scrapped the series midway through its third season, leaving a number of plots not concluded (and the show’s fans up in arms), but that’s no reason to assume the escapades of plucky Veronica were halted because the show and its super-cool heroine weren’t any good.

Yes, I digested the entire back catalogue while lazing around in my pyjamas at university (Oh to have that much time in front of the telly), which might have rose-tinted my perspective somewhat, but there aren’t many teenage girls out there who can outwit their local police department and solve the murder of their best friend single-handedly, now are there?

You can buy Veronica Mars series one, two and three on iTunes.