The Politician’s Husband starring David Tennant – air date revealed

Emily Watson and David Tennant star in the three-part drama, which starts on Thursday 25 April on BBC2


The Politician’s Husband, a drama starring former Doctor Who David Tennant and War Horse’s Emily Watson, will start on Thursday 25 April on BBC2.


Written by Paula Milne, the drama follows Aiden, a politician who has always put his career before his family life, played by Tennant, and his wife Freya, who is played by Emily Watson.

The three-part drama will follow the couple as Freya embarks on her own political career – a career which threatens to overshadow her husband’s…

Paula Milne has said The Politician’s Husband is about “power within a marriage”, going on to say: “I wanted to explore the way that men feel about their wives becoming more successful than them – that’s an interesting dynamic to set against the power games in Whitehall.”


The Politician’s Husband is a follow up to 1995 political drama The Politician’s Wife, which starred Trevor Eve, Minnie Driver and Juliet Stevenson.