Lindsay Lohan’s pregnancy fools Twitter

The 26-year-old confirms her tweet was simply an April Fool's joke, tweeting, "Where's everyone's sense of humour?"


Lindsay Lohan’s pregnancy tweet – which has had the rumour mill whirring into overtime during the last 24 hours – has been confirmed as an April Fool’s joke. 


The 26-year-old’s status update from yesterday – which simply read “It’s official. Pregnant…” – was retweeted over 10,000 times before the star deleted it earlier this afternoon. 

Lohan’s April 1 message was greeted with skepticism by many fans and the press, despite being broadcast after the traditional midday deadline for April Fools jokes. But following the media furore that has since ensued, the actress and socialite has since taken to her account to inform her 5.7 million followers that it was, after all, an innocent hoax… phew:


The incident comes after a turbulent month for Lohan, who was sentenced earlier this month to three months spent in a lockdown rehab facility after she was caught lying to police following a car crash in Malibu last July.