Sherlock: watch series three being filmed in Bristol

See video clips of Benedict Cumberbatch and Amanda Abbington shooting a dramatic scene from the BBC detective drama's third run

Can’t wait for a look at Sherlock series three? Well then, good news: you don’t have to! You can watch two amateur videos of a new episode being filmed below.


Benedict Cumberbatch and the Sherlock production crew descended on Bristol’s Portland Square on Monday evening to shoot scenes for the BBC detective drama’s third series, braving freezing cold weather and creating quite a spectacle.

The crew built a huge bonfire with a guy on top in the middle of the Square, and before long the shoot was surrounded by fans snapping away with their cameraphones, some of whom ended up being cast as extras.

According to Bristolculture, filming got under way at about 8:00pm and involved Cumberbatch and Amanda Abbington (the partner of Sherlock co-star Martin Freeman – announced today), running through a crowd in the direction of the bonfire and shouting “Move! Move!”

(By the way, there’s a great, but very spoiler-heavy, fan’s account of the evening here, which – and I can’t stress this enough – gives away a MAJOR plot point about the new series. You have been warned.)

Anyway, enough pre-amble. Watch the videos below:


In a recent interview, Cumberbatch hinted that the third series of Sherlock could begin airing at Christmas. Read more about the new series here.