Breaking Bad finale script stolen in bad break-in

A thief has reportedly stolen a script from the show's final eight episodes from actor Bryan Cranston's car


Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston reported a bad break-in to police earlier this month after someone smashed their way into his car and stole a bag containing a script from the US TV drama’s final season.


The San Bernalilo Sheriff’s Office told Albuquerque news channel KOAT-TV that the script has not yet been recovered and the investigation into its whereabouts is still ongoing.

A man accused of breaking into Cranston’s Audi and stealing a number of items including the script was arrested on Saturday.

Court documents obtained by ABC News revealed how one of Cranston’s employees, Taryn Feingold, was contacted anonymously by someone who overheard a man in a bar bragging about breaking in to a vehicle in the Sandia Mountain Range and “describing how he also had a script from the ‘Breaking Bad’ series.”

Reps for the actor have not yet commented on the situation, and it’s not clear how the theft and consequent threat of secrets being leaked will affect the filming of the final eight episodes of Breaking Bad’s fifth series, which are due to begin airing in July.

Charles Baker, who plays Skinny Pete in the drama, issued a statement to the thief via showbiz gossip site TMZ, urging the perpetrator not to reveal the contents of the script.

“You have the choice to be a better person than that,” he said. “You’ve already made a choice to steal from a person who is loved by millions of people. Don’t make it worse by betraying the rest of the cast and crew and fellow fans of the show.”


Cranston stars in Breaking Bad as Walter White, a high-school chemistry teacher who becomes a meth cook to raise money for his family after he is diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. While the show failed to find a regular TV broadcaster in the UK, it has been a critical hit for premium cable network AMC in the States. The series is available in the UK on Netflix.