Dallas puts the legendary JR Ewing to rest – funeral preview pictures

The stars of Dallas say goodbye to the late Larry Hagman in next week's episode


Dallas’ stars will pay thier final respects to scheming oil baron JR Ewing in next week’s episode.


The episode, which is the eighth instalment in the second series, will see the funeral of the legendary Ewing patriach, who has appeared in every single episode of Dallas since the hit show first began in 1978.

The death of 81-year-old Larry Hagman, who passed away in November last year, has been written into Dallas in a storyline designed to replicate the sensational 1980 ‘Who Shot JR?’ cliffhanger.

Hagman, who died five episodes into the second season, appeared for the last time in this week’s episode using footage from a previously shot scene. Mirroring the iconic 80s episode, JR was shot twice at the end of the episode by a mysterious killer while on the phone to his son John Ross.

A number of familiar faces are returning to Southfork Ranch to make guest appearances at the funeral, including Charlene Tilton as Lucy Ewing, Cathy Podewell as Cally Harper Ewing, Deborah Stelton as Mandy Winger and Steve Kanaly as Ray Krebbs.

Watch a clip from the episode where JR’s long suffering love interest Sue Ellen says her goodbye:


JR’s funeral episode ‘JR’s Masterpeice’ airs on Tuesday 19 March at 11:00pm on Channel 5