Mr Selfridge is humiliated by Ellen Love and Frank Edwards in series finale – video

The ITV period drama starring Jeremy Piven and Katherine Kelly concludes this Sunday

Harry Selfridge thought he had put his brief liaison with showgirl Ellen Love firmly behind him, but as we find out in Sunday’s series finale of Mr Selfridge, her new play has a nasty sting in its tail for the proprietor of the Oxford Street department store. 


A new clip from the upcoming episode shows Harry cosily ensconced in a theatre box alongside his wife, his daughter, his mother and the socialite Lady Loxley. The play? An unusual choice from Mr Selfridge, as it stars his former mistress Ellen Love alongside her new squeeze – Mae Loxley’s former toyboy, Tony.

And after viewers saw journalist Frank Edwards join the acting project last week – following his furious row with Harry – it comes as no surprise that the content of the production bears a nasty surprise for his wealthy former acquaintance.

The video below shows the play take a comic turn as Harry’s solar smile, grand hand gestures and booming accent are caricatured on stage, prompting the delighted audience to burst into fits of laughter and applause. Unsurprisingly, Harry and his ridiculed family fail to see the funny side – check out their reaction in the clip below…


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