Luke Newberry and the cast of In The Flesh – new pictures

BBC3's new zombie drama follows sufferers of Partially Deceased Syndrome


From The Walking Dead to Warm Bodies, zombies seam to be popping up all over the place in cinema and TV land at the moment – but those in BBC3’s In The Flesh are a little out of the ordinary…


Woken from their graves, this band of undead went on the rampage (just as you’d expect from any self-respecting zombies) but then they were subjected to months of rehabilitation and medication, not to mention layers of slap and pairs of contact lenses.

Now the walking dead are being returned to their homes and integrated into the community. But the reality isn’t as simple as it seems, and not everyone is happy about their return…


Watch a trailer for In The Flesh:


In The Flesh starts on Sunday 17 March at 10:00pm on BBC3