Kristin Kreuk in Beauty and the Beast – exclusive pictures

Take a look behind the scenes of Watch's supernatural crime drama, which also stars Jay Ryan, aka Jack Scully from Neighbours, and Britain's own Max Brown


Have you watched Beauty and the Beast, Watch’s “classic tale of girl meets government experiment”, yet?


The show is a modern day retelling of the classic fairytale, starring Kristin Kreuk, who you may recogise from playing Lana Lang in Smallville, Jay Ryan, aka Jack Scully from Neighbours, and Britain’s own Max Brown, who’s recently appeared in Spooks, Mistresses and The Tudors.

Kreuk stars as Cat, a young dectective whose mother was killed nine years earlier. On the night of the murder, she was rescued from the same fate by a mysterious beast, but afterwards no one beleived her. Then, during a case, Cat meets Vincent, an ex-soldier who everyone beleived was killed in military service. Cat soon realises that Vincent is in fact the beast who saved her and the duo pair up to help bring criminals to justice…

Delve behind the scenes of the glossy drama:



Beauty and the Beast continues tonight at 9:00pm on Watch