Downton’s Thomas Howes in new Murdoch Mysteries – exclusive pictures

The actor who played William in Downton Abbey is taking on the role of a young Winston Churchill in the new series of Murdoch Mysteries

Downton Abbey’s Thomas Howes is set to appear in the new series of Murdoch Mysteries.


And the 26-year-old actor has certainly gone up in the world. He’s left the servant’s quarters of Downton Abbey far behind him and is set to star as a young Winston Churchill in the Canadian crime drama.

Murdoch Mysteries is set at the start of the 20th century as Detective William Murdoch, played by Yannick Bisson, uses groundbreaking forensic science to solve Toronto’s mysterious murders. Howes will appear in the second episode of the new sixth series as “a young Winston Churchill [who] finds himself in trouble with the law when he wakes up after a debaucherous night out to find that he is the prime suspect in his friend’s murder.” Detective Murdoch will try and clear the young gentleman’s name.

Thomas played William Mason, the Abbey’s footman and the late husband of kitchen maid Daisy in ITV drama Downton. 

Murdoch Mysteries also stars Hélène Joy, Thomas Craig, Jonny Harria and Georgina Reilly.


Watch a trailer for the sixth series of Murdoch Mysteries:

And here’s a sneak peek of Thomas Howes playing a young Winston Churchill in the second episode:


Murdoch Mysteries starts tonight at 9:00pm on Alibi