Martin Freeman on Sherlock series 3: “I’m as in the dark as you lot are”

Dr Watson says he genuinely doesn’t know how Sherlock survived… and he hasn’t even seen a script yet


How did Sherlock survive the Reichenbach fall?  It’s been the question on every fan’s lips for the last year.  But if anyone knows what happened, surely Dr John Watson does, right?


“Mark and Steven play their cards very close to their chests… I’ve not even seen a script,” Martin Freeman told at the annual Radio Times Covers Party.

“I texted Mark the other day saying can I see one and he said not yet – I’m as in the dark as you lot are really…”

But apparently, those who’ve been guessing haven’t been too far off the mark.

“From what Steven and Mark have intimated to me… the people writing in to Radio Times and other places have got quite close I think… but honest to God, I don’t know how it happened either. 


“I genuinely don’t know – they probably don’t tell us because they don’t trust we won’t blab it!”