Call the Midwife: Helen George’s LA Diary, part two

"I keep telling Jessica Raine that we need to start acting more starry now we're in Hollywood; I suggest a Norma Desmond-style turban..."


At last I find a quiet moment by the pool (heaven) to sneak in a Bloody Mary and a quick FaceTime home. I’m being sent videos of my Jack Russell pup’s first snow experience… I’d completely forgotten it was January, such is the steady Californian sun.


We’ve spent the last few days chatting to journalists about the show. The press over here are very direct and interestingly seem to focus on the religious aspect of the series, really taking the nuns to heart.

Overall the reception of our show has been incredibly lovely. But everyone seems lovely over here, nothing is too much trouble. Jess [Jessica Raine, who plays Jenny] had to stop a waiter from opening her ketchup bottle like a posh bottle of wine, much to his confusion. I keep telling her that we need to start acting more starry now we’re in Hollywood; I suggest a Norma Desmond-style turban. Pam [Ferris] and Jess are less up for this.


This is the longest time I have spent in California since a family trip to Disneyland when I was five. And I have to say that I am loving it, they really think of everything… There is even an ATM for cupcakes! Which people drive to after a night out to queue up for the most amazing cakes I have ever tasted, delivered through a hole in the wall. It’s much like a kebab shop on a Friday night, except the choices are a little healthier.. Gluten free, sugar free, wheat free… I ask if a saveloy is out of the question.