Girls Jimmy Savile indicated he had sex with appeared “12 or 13” says former Nationwide reporter

Watch a video interview in which Bob Langley recalls covering one of Savile's charity runs during the 1970s

Tonight’s edition of Panorama, Jimmy Savile – What the BBC Knew, investigates the ongoing child abuse scandal. Among those interviewed are staff at Newsnight – which made the decision to drop its own investigation into the presenter – and Bob Langley, a former reporter on BBC1 current affairs show Nationwide.


In the video below, Langley remembers talking to Savile following a charity run during the early 1970s. Describing the moment when Savile emerged from his caravan with two girls of “I would say, 12 or 13”, he recalls “After they had gone, he indicated to me in a ‘nudge, nudge, wink, wink’ sort of way that he had just had sex with them.”

The clip also features an interview with BBC News world affairs editor John Simpson, in which he describes the Jimmy Savile scandal as the corporation’s “worst crisis for 50 years”.


Panorama: Jimmy Savile – What the BBC Knew is tonight on BBC1 at 10:35pm