New Elementary posters – bad puns and salon hair

See the latest promos for the US Sherlock Holmes update, featuring Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu

We’re looking forward to Elementary. After all, it’s a new take on Sherlock Holmes – which will be interesting at the very least – and it stars Jonny Lee Miller, who is a great actor and could make a good Holmes.


Whether we want him to be a “sweet” Holmes is another matter, but even if we did, I’m not sure that would quite excuse the pun “Holmes sweet Holmes” that accompanies the latest promo poster featuring JLM, in his scruffy version of Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock overcoat-and-scarf combo.

Meanwhile, airburshed and windswept, Lucy Liu looks like she’s just stepped out of a salon – or is just completing her turn at the end of the catwalk – and is accompanied by the slogan “My dear Watson,” which is, of course, Elementary.


The new series premieres in the US on CBS2 on Thursday 27 September and is expected over here on Sky Living this autumn.