Dallas executive producer Cynthia Cidre: “It’s not a campy show”

The series showrunner talks to David Brown about revitalising the Southfork saga for the 21st century and why cliffhangers remain all important

Back when Dallas ruled the ratings in the 80s, it wasn’t above indulging in some pretty melodramatic storylines. Think Pam’s season-long dream or the sheer number of times that key characters were shot at.


By the time the original incarnation of the American supersoap bowed out in 1991, it was verging on self-parody thanks to an extended series finale that saw JR coerced by a devilish apparition into shooting himself.

But don’t go expecting such wild exaggeration now that Dallas is returning to the schedules (Wednesday, 9pm, Channel 5). Executive producer Cynthia Cidre has told RadioTimes.com that such contrivances belong in the past:

“It’s not a campy show,” she said. “You should be delighted and having a wonderful time while you’re watching, but it’s not camp.”

Having said that, the dramatic denouements which became the stuff of TV legend will be returning for this fresh run of episodes:

“Cliffhangers are everything. I literally approached the first season with the cliffhangers first. I knew that certain people weren’t that you expected a year before we were picked up for a series.”

And did Cidre do her research before putting pen to paper? And was she a fan of the original Dallas?

“It wasn’t that I wasn’t a fan, just that I didn’t watch. I was doing something else with my life, I suppose, in my early 20s on Friday nights. But I certainly became one. I started watching before I wrote the pilot – I did not watch all 357 but I watched a lot of them.”


Watch the full interview with Cynthia Cidre below: