Sherlock webchat with Sherlockology

Relive our chat with the top independent Sherlock website, who fielded your questions about the series and lots more besides...

The experts of Sherlockology, the independent online guide to BBC Sherlock, joined us for a live webchat on Friday 6 July where they answered your questions on anything and everything about Sherlock series one and two of the show, plus the wider world of Sherlock Holmes.


Webchat with Sherlockology

6:44 Paul Jones: Evening all, and welcome to our live webchat with online Sherlock aficionados Sherlockology. I’ll be your host for the next hour or so.

6:45 Paul Jones: I believe they are streaking across London as we speak to get themselves in front of a computer, which is all very exciting. Will our heroes make it in time?!

6:46 Paul Jones: If not, that’s just more time for you to submit your questions at the bottom of the blog, ready for them to answer when they get here.

7:22 Sherlockology: Hello hello, sorry for the technical problems but we’ve muddled through with the great guys at Radio Times and you SHOULD now be seeing us

7:23 Sherlockology: Ok, we’ve got some questions so tally ho and off we go

7:23 Comment From Maddie 

What was the most interesting thing you saw while you were at the filmings of Sherlock?

7:24 Sherlockology: There we a couple of great moments. Seeing the actors transform from their everyday selves was one – a literal physical change. Also we rather enjoyed watching a Pizza Delivery person become confused by the 221B door number and Baker Street sign when he was expecting 187 North Gower Street

7:27 Comment From Guest 

Why did you start the website?

7:27 Sherlockology: We were on holiday in Rome last year, and while walking about kept coming across guided tours for locations from the film Angels and Demons. We were a bit inspired and already interested by the show and went home to have a look for something similar but found nothing on Sherlock… so one thing sort of led to another

7:27 Paul Jones: Hi everyone, many apologies for the technical issues that saw us start a bit late but we’re here now! Please do keep posting your questions for Sherlockology who, like the stars they are, have agreed to go over the agreed end time of 8pm to answer more of your questions.

7:28 Comment From abbykate 

Has there been any talk about getting the scripts of the episodes into book-form??

7:28 Sherlockology: We actually hope to be adding them to our site very soon. Watch this space.

7:30 Comment From Arron 

Have you met any of the Sherlock cast and crew? What did they say about the site? All good things I bet

7:30 Sherlockology: Yes we’ve met many of the cast and crew – the crew in particular have helped us with content on the site. And we’ve heard from various places that Mr Cumberbatch is a fan – he mentioned us on a podcast for Marvel.comand had nice things to say. Plus each time we’ve met the cast they have always been VERY nice.

7:32 Comment From blind-philosopher 

You guys have a really impressive site how did you get it up and running without official help or funding?

7:32 Sherlockology: We all have experience in the area really – web development, social media, graphic design and writing and photography, so we just sort of pooled our skills. As for the funding bit… it’s all self funded

7:33 Comment From Steph 

Favourite Speedy’s sandwich?

7:33 Sherlockology: Sherlock Wrap of course! Though we’re split on hot or sweet chilli – had one today and there was a minor muddle with the order. One of us had watery eyes. Still VERY nice

7:33 Comment From Nora 

Have you guys been told how Sherlock managed to survive? A simple yes or no will do it 🙂

7:33 Sherlockology: It has to be a simple, and genuine, no

7:34 Comment From Hannah Isaac 

Hullo, Thanks for being a great source of all things sherlock! 🙂 Which is your favorite episode and why?

7:34 Sherlockology: Since there’s more than one of us we’re all a bit split. All are favourites to be honest for very different reasons.

7:35 Comment From Georgia 

Will we be surprised by the way Sherlock survived the fall?

7:35 Sherlockology: Oh come on, it’ll be better than anything ANY of us can imagine! 😉

7:36 Comment From Charlotte 

Are there any plans for bits of series 3 to be filmed in Wales?

7:36 Sherlockology: You can guarantee it – all 221B interiors are filmed at the BBC Studios there for example. As for the the exteriors, we’ll have to see but it’ll be VERY likely

7:38 Comment From Jodie 

What is a normal day like for the cast and crew?

7:38 Sherlockology: Busy, we’d imagine! Lots of costume changes while we watched filming in North Gower Street last year

7:39 Comment From abbykate 

This show is SUCH a feast for the senses; is there a designated prop-master and a designated wardrobe-watcher, or is it all dictated by fan-demand??

7:39 Sherlockology: To be honest, it’s the information we’re supplied and what we can actually find. If we get asked a lot about a particular item, we’ll make it a chasing priority

7:40 Comment From blind-philosopher 

how big is your team?

7:40 Sherlockology: There’s four of us on the team, roughly split between a web developer, social media manager, graphic designer. and writer/photographer

7:41Comment From emily 

how they managed to gain access to buckingham palace at the first episode of series 2?

7:41 Sherlockology: Interiors for Buckingham Palace were actually filmed in the Drawing Room of Goldsmith’s Hall in London, details and such on our site here:

7:42 Comment From Charlotte 

what’s the best advice you can give to someone who wants to start up a news site like yours?

7:42 Sherlockology: LOTS of coffee!

7:43 Comment From Arron 

Do you have any information about the case-book coming out in October?

7:43 Sherlockology: Not much still, we keep looking for the cover art. We grabbed a synopsis off amazon that you can read on our site here:

7:44 Comment From Georgia 

When will the series start again?

7:44 Sherlockology: Filming starts January 2013, so since a series takes roughly 6 months to produce it’ll likely be first shown in the UK in the second half of next year

7:44 Comment From Suki 

Are you guys going to be on scene for the filming of season three? Will we get more of you fabulous pictures?

7:45 Sherlockology: We certainly hope to be. And thank you for the pictures compliment!

7:45 Comment From Guest 

Is it hard having to update the website regularly, keep an eye on news about the series and having a day job at the same time?

7:45 Sherlockology: VERY! Even with four of us, but we muddle through

7:46 Paul Jones: I’ll feed in a few of the questions people posted earlier as we go on.

This could be a tough one to start with but I was watching the episode in question just last night and was asking myself the exact same thing…

7:46 Sherlockology: Ok, we’re braced…

7:46 From Issy Townley:

How the heck did John get over that fence…

7:47 Sherlockology: We like to imagine they devised a cunning trebuchet using some nearby bins

7:47 Paul Jones: Next question on many people’s lips I suspect: “What’s a trebuchet?”

7:47 Paul Jones: (Or that could just be me)

7:47 Sherlockology: Quick, we’ll find a diagram…

7:48 Paul Jones: In the meantime…

7:48 From Quend Anon:

A two part question: do you think Sebastian Moran will be brought into play? And, if so, how do you think it will be done/should be done?

7:49 Sherlockology: Here’s a trebuchet:

7:50 Paul Jones: Brilliant. Yes, that must have been it. Thanks for clearing that up.

7:50 Sherlockology: On Moran – Mark Gatiss has already stated that the first episode of Series Three will use elements of The Empty House, which features Moran prominently. He has also dropped some Twitter hints that suggest so – airgun world magazine anyone?

7:51 Paul Jones: For me, Moran has to be in it in some incarnation. And Steven Moffat has said Sherlock must have new villains to move forward…

7:51 Comment From Guest 

Do you have autographs of some of the cast and crew?

7:51 Sherlockology: One of us has a DVD of Series One that is slowly getting covered with signatures. In general we get things signed for others though

7:52 Comment From Guest 

How many of you cried while watching the end of Reichenbach?

7:52 Sherlockology: Both the girls on the team DEFINATELY had something wrong with their eyes that night. The two guys were fine….

7:52 Paul Jones: Ha. Who wants an Irene Adler question…?

7:52 From Paige Harris:

If Irene Adler was to come back next series, in what scenario would you want her to dramatically appear in? 🙂

Paige x

7:53 Sherlockology: Skydiving with a union jack parachute – Bond Air REMAINS go

7:54 Paul Jones: What a GREAT image!

7:54 Comment From Guest 

I know you are fans of Sherlock, but how do you feel about Moffat’s other success : Doctor Who?

7:54 Sherlockology: Big sci fi geek on the team, so much, much love from us

7:55 From Jester Liersson:

and another quick question

Can you please give out any details about possible activities on a website before Season Three? More contests maybe?

7:56 Sherlockology: We love doing the competitions, and intend to do plenty more in the future. Many many ideas, just not quite enough time to do them all…

7:56 Paul Jones: A three-parter for you coming up…

7:57 From Al:

1) What made Sherlockology watch Sherlock in the first place? Were they already Sherlock Holmes fans? Doctor Who fans? Cumberbatch fans? Freeman fans? BBC Drama fans?

2) If they’ve read the ACD canon is there any particular story they would like to see adapted next?

3) Do they think Mary Morstan (Watson’s wife) will ever make an appearance?

7:57 Sherlockology: Wow, we’ll split this into three separate parts flexes fingers

7:58 Sherlockology: 1) It was a true split, and two of us missed it on first screening, one was an existing fan of Holmes (Jeremy Brett/Granada adaptation in particular) and one was a fan of Moffat and Gatiss’ previous work. The two who saw it insisted the others watch it immediately!! Though it was still about 9 months before Sherlockology began properly.

8:00 Sherlockology: 2) Fantasy episode would be a Christmas special based on The Blue Carbuncle. But in series proper, how would they tackle Silver Blaze? Intriguing. Top of the pile though has to Three Garridebs – for the reason in Reichenbach Fall we see what Sherlock means to John, so it would be interesting to see the tables turned, and how the famous scene that was ‘worth the wound’ is interpreted.

8:01 Paul Jones: Blue Carbuncle, absolutely! And the most exciting thing about that – I asked Mark Gatiss and he said he loved it and would love to do it as a Christmas special. Fingers crossed!

8:01 Sherlockology: We asked him too and got a similar response – though just like us, he noted the lack of time

8:02 Paul Jones: A Sherlock Christmas special though – how magical would that be?

8:02 Sherlockology: Doctor Who and Sherlock on the same day? Need we say more?

8:03 Paul Jones: Exactly – BUT WHO WOULD WIN?!

8:03 Sherlockology: 3) Steven Moffat has said in the past that interpretations that keep Watson at 221B are ‘lazy’, so there could be a possibility of an appearance!

8:03 Sherlockology: Phew

8:03 Comment From Kris 

Any possibility you’ll venture into the territory of interviewing cast/crew directly?

8:03 Sherlockology: We’ve already spoken to some members of the team about interviews and hope to get around to it in the future

8:04 Comment From Guest 

How did you come up with the name Sherlockology for your website?

8:04 Sherlockology: All the best ideas happen in the shower!

8:05 Paul Jones: So true. Interesting one coming up…

8:05 Paul Jones: Will Molly switch her affections…?

From Izzy:

Me and my friend think that Molly Hooper might be Mary Morstan from the original books, Molly is a nickname for Mary, Molly has a cat called Toby (according to her blog) and Mary had a dog called Toby… What do you think?

8:05 Sherlockology: Astute observations. We shall have to wait and see…

8:06 Paul Jones: I like it – although we do know Mark and Steven like to play around with bits and pieces of ACD…

8:06 Paul Jones: …so it may just be them having fun.

8:07 Comment From Guest 

What does a typical day for you team envolve ?

8:07 Sherlockology: Surprisingly dull alas – all day on a computer and then the evening too – and often through the night! Though perks are the day trips for reviews and reports

8:08 Paul Jones: Someone here looking for a job…

From Charlie B 

Would you consider having another edition to the team? Instead of being a physical part of the team maybe one that has a job just online? – If so I’d absolutely love to become a part of the team!

8:09 Sherlockology: We would love to have extra hands, but since we’re often not in the same place together at the same time it’s VERY difficult to share information as it is

8:10 Comment From abbykate 

Since you guys have ALL THE POWER…you should tell the cast/crew that you should be invited to a table-read. Just a thought. 😉

8:10 Sherlockology: We have no objections! We’ll have to pass that idea on…

8:11 Paul Jones: Another question from earlier coming up…

8:11 From Anon:

If you were to re-do any of the episodes so far (s1 and s2) would you have done anything differently?

8:12 Sherlockology: We’d love to have a little extrapolation on how Sherlock made it across London on the Tube covered in blood and carrying a harpoon – without getting arrested!

8:13 Comment From Kris 

Do you have any expectations of further behind-the-scenes visits once Season 3 starts filming?

8:13 Sherlockology: Our fingers are tightly crossed

8:13 Paul Jones: I have a question. Very slightly off topic…

8:13 Sherlockology: Ok, fire when ready

8:14 Paul Jones: How was Benedict’s performance of Look Back in Anger this afternoon?

8:15 Sherlockology: He was fantastic. Always amazed to see an actor that is capable of crying on cue – while simply sitting in a chair reading from a script. Genuinely not biased when we say he is one of the best actors of his generation.

8:16 Paul Jones: That being the case, what do you make of this…?

8:16 From Anon:

What’s your thoughts on Benedict appearing in the Simpsons? Do you think he’ll be in it as himself or as Sherlock?!

8:17 Sherlockology: By the sounds of Benedict’s interview on The Simpson role, its not a part that has been specifically written for him so Sherlock appearing in Springfield may be unlikely alas!

8:17 Sherlockology: *Simpsons. Simpsons. Elementary typing error.

8:18 Sherlockology: Which sort of leads us into a question…

8:18 Comment From milly 

what do you think about the new series “Elementary”?

8:18 Sherlockology: Intrigued to see what they’ve done to refashion all the elements into that particular setting

8:19 Sherlockology: Hard to imagine it would be capable of bettering Sherlock though

8:19 Paul Jones: What did you think of the trailer and Jonny Lee Miller as Holmes?

8:19 Sherlockology: Looks like a great US drama series, not sure of how much Holmes is in the mix however

8:20 Paul Jones: At least they chose an English actor to play Holmes…

8:20 Paul Jones: I think that would have been the final straw for me…

8:20 Paul Jones: Or maybe that’s unfair…

8:20 Paul Jones: (It’s not)

8:22 Comment From Kris 

Having seen some of the production in process, how hard do you think it will be for the team to prevent spoilers from leaking out when Season 3 does start into production, given the huge increase in interest and post-Fall speculation?

8:22 Sherlockology: Well we never post spoilers ourselves, and the production team know that, so that’s one shelter. Photos of The Fall were circulating online the weekend it was shot as one example, but we left them well alone! They could use screens [like on Doctor Who] to block the view of spectators, shoot important scenes indoors… limitless tricks

8:24 Comment From Suki 

sorry this is a stuipid question but is Benedict in London right now?

8:24 Sherlockology: He was as of 4.50pm when we ran out of the theatre to come to this chat!

8:25 Paul Jones: See the sacrifices they have made to be here and talk to you…?

8:26 Comment From Suki 

What are your favorite works that Benedict has appeared it?

8:26 Sherlockology: OTHER than Sherlock? Big fans of Cabin Pressure on Radio 4, Third Star was remarkable as was Stuart: A Life Backwards. In fact. Pretty much everything.

8:26 Paul Jones: OK, your thoughts on this plot point please…

8:26 From Emily:):

How Sherlock managed to rescue Irene at the end of the episode “”A Scandal in Belgravia” when he actually went to Pakistan to pose as her executioner, reveals himself to her, and rescues her?

8:27 Sherlockology: Tough one. In the end, it’s not so much about the ‘how’he got there, rather that it adds a nice layer of circularity to the narrative, as Irene ‘saves’ Sherlock and John at the start by phoning Jim – so thematically, Steven Moffat has Sherlock return the favour at the end of the episode, albeit unknowingly.

8:28 Paul Jones: And for me it’s a swashbuckling flourish that shows us Sherlock is almost a superhero rather than just a very clever detective…

8:29 Paul Jones: You can really see Steven Moffat behind that, I think.

8:29 Sherlockology: Like the ‘Batman’ shot in the unaired pilot that never made it to the final version of A Study in Pink

8:31 Paul Jones: I hate to admit this, but I still haven’t seen the unaired pilot – although I have it here and the weekend lies ahead…

8:31 Comment From christine 

When do you guys think the trailer for season3 would come out?

8:31 Sherlockology: To be honest the production crew couldn’t answer that just yet! It’ll be next year, and down to BBC scheduling

8:31 Sherlockology: Unaired pilot is an interesting watch, only an hour and some intriguing differences

8:32 Paul Jones: Yes, I heard about THAT shirt…

8:33 Paul Jones: (One of our users thought the shirt Sherlock was wearing in that version was vile – and they kind of had a point…)

8:33 Paul Jones: (At least, it didn’t seem very Sherlock – which, since it was the pilot when they were testing out ideas, is very interesting)

8:34 Comment From Suki 

is there anything in the pilot you wished they had kept?

8:34 Sherlockology: We would have kept Luigi from Ashes to Ashes as Angelo!

8:34 Comment From christine 

Your website is awesome btw! ……. So just wondering, in the scene where Irene Adler’s eyes dilated…… do u guys know if Lara’s eyes really dilated or was it some computer stuff?

8:35 Sherlockology: Really cannot say, but it could be as simple as turning a light off in front of her eyes!

8:35 Paul Jones: Or being in the presence of Benedict Cumberbatch…

8:35 Comment From Guest 

How many hits a day does your website have?

8:35 Sherlockology: Really depends daily on what is going on, but we average a million per month!

8:36 Paul Jones: A cool million – very nice…

8:37 Comment From anna 

Did you read the ACD books before? or after creating the website?

8:37 Sherlockology: Couple of us had, the others were new to it, so a proper mix. We’ve all re-read them again now of course as we need to justify that ‘ology’ on the end of our name!

8:38 Paul Jones: Great that Sherlock has brought in new coverts…

8:38 Paul Jones: I did some research a while back that showed the series had hugely boosted sales of the original books, which is great…

8:38 Comment From Anastasia 

what other films about Sherlock have you seen?

8:38 Sherlockology: Other than the Robert Downey Junior incarnation, we love Young Sherlock Holmes and The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes – saw that in the company of Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss – and the entirity of the Granada series is a must

8:39 Paul Jones: Jeremy Brett is awesome in the early ones.

8:39 Comment From Guest 

Since you are Doctor Who fans…..who is your favourite doctor?

8:39 Sherlockology: David Tennant, but a bit biased as one of the team looks like him! LOVE Matt Smith though!

8:39 Paul Jones: Ha brilliant! Photo?!

8:40 Sherlockology: Go be a detective on Twitter, he’s around… with a VERY apt avatar

8:41 Comment From Guest 

What’s your favourite soundtrack?

8:41 Sherlockology: If you mean off the Sherlock scores, we’re all sorts of torn. Love Sherlocked and Prepared to Do Anything.

8:42 Comment From Anastasia 

what actor do you think will be the best choice for Sebastian Moran?

8:42 Sherlockology: Big fans of Mark Sheppard!

8:43 Paul Jones: A big debate I always have with family and friends – if you were considering an original Victorian Holmes, any thoughts on actors…?

8:44 Sherlockology: It depends on the stage of the characters lives, though we think it was a bit off Richard E Grant wasn’t Holmes in the 2002 BBC adaptation of Hound of the Baskervilles

8:44 Paul Jones: Strangely, I always thought Mark Strong – who played the villain in the first RDJ movie – would have been a good Holmes. And Richard E Grant could have done an out-there take on him

8:44 Paul Jones: Great minds!

8:45 Sherlockology: Mark Strong would also be a strong choice. Excuse the punnage.

8:45 Paul Jones: Not at all – we love puns here at Radio Times. Have you seen our headlines…?

8:46 Paul Jones: I think we should probably allow the lovely Sherlockology to begin their weekends. Any more you’d like to tackle before we say goodbye?

Or shall we call it a night? You have already gone above and beyond the call of duty…

8:47 Sherlockology: Just a couple of nice ones before we sign off that we’ve been meaning to get to

8:47 Paul Jones: Great.

8:48 Comment From Guest 

What’s your favourite aspect of running of this website?

8:48 Sherlockology: The experiences, which we could never have imagined we’d have two years ago when it was first aired, or even when we came up with the idea. Nothing can beat seeing the characters come to life before your eyes on location either

8:49 Comment From Carolyn 

What are your theories on how Sherlock survived the fall?

8:49 Sherlockology: Just like Sherlock, we NEVER guess

8:49 Paul Jones: Ha! A lovely way to bring this to a close I think.

8:50 Sherlockology: Thank you very much for having us

8:50 Sherlockology: And thank you all for the questions!

8:50 Sherlockology: Sorry we couldnt get to everyone, but we’re on Twitter of course…

8:50 Paul Jones: Absolutely our pleasure. Thanks so much for your time

8:50 Paul Jones: And thanks to everyone for such great questions

8:51 Sherlockology: Anytime, bye all! See you elsewhere!

8:51 Paul Jones: Remember to check out Sherlockology regularly

There’s always loads of great stuff on the site, which we really need in these lean times between series…

8:52 Paul Jones: Have a great weekend everyone!

8:53 Paul Jones: Thank you and good night!

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