It may be a way away from now, but Marvel's next major venture will be a reboot of Fantastic Four that is set to land on the big screen in 2025.


Fans couldn't be more excited to see just how studio head Kevin Feige will adapt the story and jumpstart the sixth phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Not much is known about the film currently but when sitting down to chat exclusively about his new Apple TV+ series Invasion with, previous Fantastic Four film screenwriter Simon Kinberg revealed more about what he's looking forward to seeing in the new reboot of the film.

When asked about whether any of the old cast of his 2015 film - which included Miles Teller, Michael B Jordan and Kate Mara - could be making a return to the film in the new Marvel iteration of the film, Kinberg said: "I see the main fan cast ideas and I think they’re all good and they’ve all been good."

He continued: "As someone who made a Fantastic Four movie and rewrote the other one and loves the comics, I’m really excited to see again what Kevin and the MCU can do with it.

"It’s a comic I know Kevin loves and it’s a tone that’s hard to get right because it can go goofy really fast. But I think if it stays about a family and it can have the humour, obviously, that it needs to have, but can still have moments of real pathos and family drama, it’ll be amazing.

"And I have no doubt it will be and all of those actors I’ve seen [rumoured], that are Oscar nominated and winning and Emmy nominated, are cool. I’m like any fan, I’m excited to see who they actually end up casting and I have a feeling it’ll be none of the people that have been theorised, but who knows."

As of now, rumours continue to swirl about who will be taking up the main roles of Reed Richards (Mister Fantastic), Sue Storm (Invisible Girl), Johnny Storm (Human Torch) and Ben Grimm (Thing). Everyone from Matt Smith to Joseph Quinn has been rumoured to be taking up roles in the new Marvel film but nothing is confirmed as of yet.

As for Kinberg's current project, Invasion, it may only be halfway through it's second season run but the series creator is keen for more, revealing to that although nothing has been confirmed by Apple, they have been "working on the script for season 3".

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He explained: "From the beginning, I envisioned it as a four season show, as an arc that starts from last season, which was a much slower burn character season, kind of day one of the invasion, and then season 2, it’s much more of the invasion, you’re really now in a war, it’s a much more active season with much more momentum to it, purposefully.

"And then that war would take some twists and turns and we could follow it through to the end for another couple of seasons."

Invasion season 2 continues on Apple TV+ on 27th September 2023 – sign up now with a 7-day free trial.

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