We're now midway through the second season of Invasion on Apple TV+, and as things heat up for the characters, one of the show's creators Simon Kinberg has teased that there could be a way to go until we reach a conclusion.


Speaking exclusively with RadioTimes.com, Kinberg says that he and the team "definitely envision more seasons", and although nothing has been confirmed by Apple regarding the show's future, they have been "working on the script for season 3".

He explained: "From the beginning, I envisioned it as a four season show, as an arc that starts from last season, which was a much slower burn character season, kind of day one of the invasion, and then season 2, it’s much more of the invasion, you’re really now in a war, it’s a much more active season with much more momentum to it, purposefully.

"And then that war would take some twists and turns and we could follow it through to the end for another couple of seasons."

Shioli Kutsuna in Invasion
Shioli Kutsuna in Invasion. Apple TV+

With the show's first season previously having been described as the calm before the storm, and season 2 having been described as the storm itself, Kinberg says that season 2 would be "the hurricane".

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Kinberg previously spoke about the twist revealed at the start of this season, which saw the aliens starting to attack humans psychologically by "excavating and taking pieces of our memory from us".

He said at the time that "that’s the scariest part, an alien that actually gets inside your mind and they can start to create gaps".

This season of the show stars Golshifteh Farahani, Shioli Kutsuna, Shamier Anderson, Firas Nassar, Aziz Capkurt, Billy Barratt, Azhy Robertson and Tara Moayedi, with the series continuing to chart an alien invasion through the eyes of different people around the globe.

Invasion season 2 continues on Apple TV+ on 27th September 2023 – sign up now with a 7-day free trial.

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