Ed Lilly (2018)

15 Certificate


Our Score
Adam, a young man in foster care, finds his identity when he moves to Southend and discovers an underground rap-battle scene. The seaside may not sound like the edgiest of locales, but director Ed Lilly builds an entertaining, self-contained world for Adam to explore with the audience. The battle sequences are exciting, with the characters creating an authentic atmosphere through their on-stage performances. It's not enough to gloss over the stilted spoken dialogue, however, that robs the story of some edge. Connor Swindells is well cast as Adam, portraying the struggles of someone who struggles to trust. He creates a believable bond with Ruth Sheen, who plays Adam's foster carer, as well as Fola Evans-Akingbola as his mentor/love interest. VS. treads a familiar path set by movies like 8 Mile, however the slick presentation and heartfelt lead performance lift it above a crowd of imitators.

Cast & Crew

Adam Watson Connor Swindells
Makayla Lewis Fola Evans-Akingbola
Fiona Ruth Sheen
Terry Nicholas Pinnock
Slaughter Shotty Horroh
Blaze Joivan Wade
Director Ed Lilly
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: AltitudeGuidance: Swearing, sex scenes, drug abuseAvailable on: DVDReleased on: 19 Oct 2018