Neighbours stars Takaya Honda and Matt Wilson have praised the show's "intricate" storytelling ahead of its big flashback week.


The resurrected Australian soap has confirmed that David Tanaka and Aaron Brennan will be back on Ramsay Street, having been mysteriously absent so far. The happily married couple are joined by Nicolette Stone (now played by Hannah Monson), and the trio's young daughter Isla (Hana Abe-Tucker).

Joining for an exclusive interview, the actors tease their roles in next week's shocking episodes.

"We do come back with a bang, not only in the story sense for the audience, but in the character sense," promises Honda. "There's so much that's about to happen with what Melanie's said she's going to do; and we can understand the position she is in, that she needs to tell [her secret]. David can intimately understand having to hold on to a secret and not being able to tell, and feeling guilty as hell because of it.

"So he's kind of in two minds coming back, and ultimately, realistically the first thing that goes through David's mind coming back is, 'Can I give Paul a chance to show me that he's learnt something whilst I've been away?' It's a lot for the audience to take in, but it's a lot for the characters to take in and have to deal with as well. I think that all unfolds in the coming weeks as well."

Matt Wilson as Aaron Brennan, Takaya Honda as David Tanaka, Hana Abe-Tucker as Isla Tanaka-Brennan and Hannah Monson as Nicolette Stone in Neighbours
Matt Wilson as Aaron Brennan, Takaya Honda as David Tanaka, Hana Abe-Tucker as Isla Tanaka-Brennan and Hannah Monson as Nicolette Stone in Neighbours. Amazon Freevee

It sounds like we're in for quite the series of bombshells - including whatever Paul's (Stefan Dennis) role is in proceedings! This remains a closely-guarded secret for now, but how did it feel to be handed such a complex comeback storyline?

"We got pitched our entire storyline for say, a year or so," Wilson explains. "It was just incredible, we actually didn't know the details about what's coming up next week, about the Melanie saga, but it all pieces together so well.

"I think it's just perfect for our characters to be able to show off how strong we are. This is someone else's problem, and we get to show how we can rise above it and be better as a couple throughout it."

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Honda is in awe of how Neighbours has upped its game. "When we found out the finer details of it all, I was quite blown away by how intricate and how complex everything is, and how it comes together so well.

"Now it does feel like the consequences of each Neighbour impact every other Neighbour, rather than before; it did feel there was always sort of two clouds operating at once. There would be little crossovers, but this one very much feels like it flows like water in a bucket that goes back and forth across everyone, and everyone fills all of the storylines, which is nice."

Takaya Honda as David Tanaka and Matt Wilson as Aaron Brennan, gazing at each other in Neighbours
Takaya Honda as David Tanaka and Matt Wilson as Aaron Brennan in Neighbours. Amazon Freevee

Wilson is just as impressed, noting how past plots felt totally separate from each other - unlike what we're about to see in Neighbours' flashback event week.

"I was surprised as well by how intricate the stories are, and how they entwine with each other," he says. "It's like another level compared to the last Neighbours, and I don't know what's responsible for that but, once upon a time you'd have different characters with different storylines, and in the green room you'd be like, 'You've got your storyline and we've got ours', and they'd never really touch.

"But it seems to be back-to-back-to-back, everyone's storylines work together so well, and things that are said that happened in one character's storyline, they pay off two weeks later in someone else's storyline. It's a lot to juggle, so it's a miracle; I don't know how it pays off but it's really different this year compared to Neighbours 1.0."

While we wait for the impending revelations, we can't help wondering whether Aaron and David are as united as we remember them. And it's good news for fans of the couple.

"Aaron's really just there as support for David," Honda assures us. "Aaron wants to come back to the Street, for sure, but he's such a supportive husband for David. I think the two characters are always united but that doesn't mean they can't disagree.

"We've been super lucky with the characters and our relationship because it's very normal on a show like this; you can have cheating scandals, you can have break ups, but these two have very much had a very solid relationship, they've always had each other's backs.

"That, again, doesn't mean they don't disagree, but ultimately, they're so rock solid that you always know that they're going to be there for each other no matter what, and end up supporting each other through whatever happens. Whether they are on the same side or not in any kind of argument."

Wilson agrees: "Unlike a lot of characters on the show, our characters actually grow. Our characters have this beautiful relationship where sometimes we'll have the same arguments over and over again.

"But eventually, we do learn our lessons and we do grow from it, which is really special because not many characters do get to do that. There has been a bit more growth for our characters over the couple of years. We've got a daughter now who's 4 years old, [and] Aaron, Nicolette and David are in such a great place."

Neighbours kicks off its Tell All: Flashback week from Monday 13th November.

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