Neighbours boss Jason Herbison has teased what's coming on the Australian soap when it returns to screens.


The iconic show will be landing on Amazon Freevee on 18th September - and trust us, it's going to be explosive.

While details are being kept under tight wraps, Herbison has spoken about what we can expect from the new Neighbours episodes, chatting particularly about fresh face Reece (played by Mischa Barton).

He explained: "She's a newcomer to town, so she's another great person for a new viewer to see the world through. But in the tradition of many characters, she's a bit of a mystery woman.

"Reece has got a suitcase of secrets! It's an interesting journey. Has she come for something? Is she running away from something? It's a combination of both, so I think she's got some twists and turns.

"Her character herself goes on a journey. She is touched by the lives of everyone here in Erinsborough and then, ultimately, down the track finds out much more, that she was never expecting to ever find there."

Herbison went on to describe the reboot as "the next chapter", adding how it's "starting afresh" and how he took the opportunity to "reset".

Guy Pearce in Neighbours smiling, wearing a blue scarf
Guy Pearce in Neighbours. Amazon Freevee/YouTube

He also spoke about the return of Guy Pearce as Mike Young, which was certainly unexpected.

Herbison teased: "We're very excited that Guy Pearce has been back and done some stuff for us too. That's wonderful, and I think people will really enjoy seeing Mike and Jane together again.

"It's more than a moment and it's very meaningful. What happens beyond that will play out. But Guy has been wonderful, and he's very engaged as well in the characters and their future happiness."

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Neighbours returns on Amazon Freevee on 18th September 2023. Check out more of our Soaps coverage or visit our TV Guide and Streaming Guide to find out what's on.


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