Eric Pollard (Chris Chittell) pulled off a huge con against oblivious Kerry Wyatt (Laura Norton) in tonight's Emmerdale (17th April 2024).


Former antiques dealer Pollard advised Kerry that the necklace she acquired from her fiancé was worthless, but that he could offer her £60 for it!

Kerry had been relying on the promise that the jewellery would deliver a huge payout, which she would use to pay for daughter Amy Wyatt's (Natalie Ann Jamieson) wedding to Matty Barton (Ash Palmisciano).

As Amy got ready for the happiest day of her life, Kerry burst her bubble of bliss to announce that she couldn't pay up, so the wedding would have to be cancelled.

Amy was furious and disowned Kerry, and it was Pollard who supported Kerry as she lamented her own bad behaviour over the years.

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Pollard declared that he had a way of saving the big day, and ended up paying for Amy and Matty's wedding, which took place at Home Farm.

The couple became husband and wife in heartwarming, emotional scenes. Kerry tried to hide at the back while dressed in her Cher outfit, but was warned away by Matty.

We had no reason to suspect foul play from Pollard, even as Kim Tate (Claire King) confronted him on his uncharacteristically nice move.

But after handing Kerry some cash for a consolation drink as she moved into the B&B, Pollard held a clandestine meeting with a man called Robert (Kevin Davids), an old acquaintance, who handed him an envelope with a large amount of cash for Kerry's necklace!

As Pollard proclaimed that there was "life in the old dog yet", will Kerry ever find out that she has been scammed by him, losing out on a windfall?

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