This article includes discussions of domestic abuse, including coercive control, which some readers may find upsetting.


Tom King's (James Chase) vile campaign of control continues next week, as he leaves wife Belle King (Eden Taylor-Draper) more uneasy than ever.

Elsewhere, Christine Tremarco makes her debut as the mysterious Rose, who is known to Will Taylor (Dean Andrews). Will lies to wife Kim Tate (Claire King) about his encounter with Rose, but why?

Manpreet Sharma (Rebecca Sarker) gets flirty with Billy Fletcher (Jay Kontzle), while we're left wondering which direction Rhona Goskirk (Zoë Henry) will go in concerning Gus Malcolm's (Alan McKenna) fate in court.

Finally, there could be love in the air for Sarah Sugden (Katie Hill), much to her 'Grumpy' Cain Dingle's (Jeff Hordley) amusement.

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Read on for all your Emmerdale spoilers from 22nd - 26th April 2024.

5 Emmerdale spoilers next week

1. Abusive Tom King's manipulations unsettle Belle King

A bruised Vinny stands across from Belle who is hugged by Tom in Emmerdale
Tom covers his tracks. ITV

After attacking Vinny Dingle (Bradley Johnson) at the scrapyard, Tom is still covering his tracks.

Belle is shocked to see Vinny so battered, and stays at the cottage to look after him. Tom is jealous of his wife's bond with Vinny, and he finds a way to deliberately belittle him.

When Belle later spots Tom seemingly bonding with Vinny, she wonders what her husband is up to, knowing Tom will have a motive. Tom reveals he is keen to help Vinny find a girlfriend, and enjoys the process of helping find the perfect woman for him.

Tom sets his sights on Gabby Thomas (Rosie Bentham) for Vinny, but when Belle arrives to find Tom enjoying spending time with Gabby in the Woolpack, Belle is made to feel uncomfortable.

Every move Tom makes is designed to upset Belle or make her feel undermined and worthless, and his scheme is only set to get worse as Emmerdale explores the full extent of domestic abuse, with his use of coercive control growing more and more sinister by the day.

You can access free and confidential support from Refuge’s 24-hour National Domestic Abuse Helpline on 0808 2000 247 and digital support via live chat Monday-Friday 3-10pm via

You can also visit the the tech safety website to learn more about technology-facilitated abuse.

2. Who is Rose as Will Taylor lies to Kim Tate?

Rose sits on the hospital bed as Will stands nearby in Emmerdale
Who is Rose? ITV

After a mysterious phone call, Will slips away from his responsibilities and heads to the hospital. He is drawn into a room when he hears a familiar voice, and the woman is regaling the nurses.

Will then comes face-to-face with Rose, someone he's known for a very long time. Will returns home, but despite being probed by Kim, he doesn't reveal where he's been.

How long can he keep his secrets from Kim, and just who is Rose? Star Tremarco recently spoke about playing her "free-spirited" character when her casting was officially announced, and it will certainly be interesting to see how Rose is connected to Will.

3. Manpreet Sharma flirts with Billy Fletcher

Manpreet admires Billy's muscles in Emmerdale
Billy has a new admirer! ITV

Billy has a shaky start with his personal training and fitness business, with he and wife Dawn Fletcher (Olivia Bromley) juggling the childcare enough as it is.

Kim and Will agree to help, while Manpreet takes some of Billy's fitness classes - and soon realises she has a crush on Billy!

While Billy is training Manpreet, he is too preoccupied with his own relationship to notice that the doctor is flirting with him! Manpreet is still trying to make an effort with partner Charles Anderson (Kevin Mathurin), though, and she's dejected by his lack of interest.

Incentivised by Billy, Manpreet wonders if a dinner date could be the answer to her problems with Charles. But is she as committed to the vicar as she once was?

4. Will Rhona Goskirk do Gus Malcolm's bidding?

Rhona looks at Gus as he looks away in Emmerdale
Will Rhona back Gus in court? ITV

Marlon Dingle (Mark Charnock) and Mary Goskirk (Louise Jameson) are stunned when Gus turns up to see them, and Gus assures them that they will still be a part of Ivy's life even if he gets a lighter sentence for fraud.

Sceptical Marlon struggles to believe this, and he and Rhona discuss Gus's impending sentencing as they lean on each other for support. Rhona's inscrutable as she hands Ivy back to Gus, but they agree to put the little girl first from now on.

The next day, Rhona is apprehensive about Gus's sentencing day, as Marlon tries to settle his wife's nerves. Rhona is clearly worried and still thinking things through, so when she reads her statement, will it be in favour of Gus, or against him?

5. Romance for Sarah Sugden?

Sarah stands across from Cain, both in overalls
Sarah connects with a customer. ITV

Cain needs help at the garage, so forces granddaughter Sarah to step in. Sarah is fuming, but begins her shift and is soon intrigued by a handsome customer as she fixes his car.

Sparks fly, and Cain is bemused to witness the scene. Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins) is proud of Sarah's new job, but Mackenzie Boyd (Lawrence Robb) is flustered when it's suggested that Sarah might be his replacement!

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