Jai Sharma (Chris Bisson) may have just killed his biological father Amit (Anil Goutam) in tonight's Emmerdale (Thursday 28th March 2024), after a showdown led the latter to confess to murder!


When Eric Pollard (Chris Chittell) insisted that Amit was evil, Jai dismissed him – only to find evidence of his own that Amit was a liar and a con-man.

Convinced that his original suspicions that Amit had killed his own brother – Jai's beloved adoptive father, Rishi (Bhasker Patel) – Jai vowed revenge.

As Amit continued his pretence that he had been mugged for the Hide's takings, Jai assured half-brother Suni (Brahmdeo Shannon Ramana) that Amit was fine, while Amit dodged Jai's suggestion that they should report his 'ordeal' to the police.

At the house, Jai called Amit's bluff by claiming that he was planning to sell the place, before Jai revealed that he knew Amit was in debt to a loan shark and had lied about the theft.

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What followed was an intense conversation, complete with compelling performance from Bisson, as Amit admitted that he couldn't afford to buy into Gabby Thomas's (Rosie Bentham) business in the first place, but had done so to be close to both of his sons.

Pollard and Amit do a deal as they stand face to face
Pollard's concerns led Jai to the truth ITV

Jai wasn't going to be put off in his quest for the full truth, though, demanding Amit confess to ending Rishi's life. Amit maintained his story that Rishi was already dead when he found him; but when Amit hinted that Rishi had had firm opinions on Amit's desperation for money, Jai knew there was more to it.

Amit headed downstairs with a packed suitcase, but Jai refused to let him walk away, and finally forced Amit to finally, albeit vaguely, admit to his hand in Rishi's death.

As Amit stood in the middle of the staircase, Jai pushed Amit, and in a moment of poetic justice the older man landed just where poor Rishi had last year.

Just when we thought Amit might be dead, Emmerdale revealed that he was still breathing, and as he came to, a triumphant Jai began to torture Amit as he writhed in agony, reminding him of the suffering Rishi must have endured while he was all alone.

Insisting on the full details of that day, Jai sat and waited until Amit revealed that he and Rishi had been due to inherit some money from an uncle they barely knew.

It dawned on Jai that Rishi had refused to hand over his share to a struggling Amit, and when Rishi gave him a lecture, Amit had reacted with anger and pushed Rishi to his death.

"That's something I have to live with," said Amit, while Jai replied: "That remains to be seen."

Meanwhile, Pollard knew that Jai had a plan, and he headed to the house, where he was stunned to discover Jai's capturing of a defenceless Amit. Jai convinced Pollard to leave them be, revealing he now had a recording of Amit's confession – though, as Pollard pointed out, this was all under duress.

Alone with Amit once more, Jai told him he wasn't going to like what he had planned. This was the last we saw of Amit, with Jai later seen on the phone to wife Laurel Thomas (Charlotte Bellamy), fibbing about his whereabouts as he cleaned up Amit's blood!

As Jai wheeled Amit's suitcase away, has he killed Amit? Or is there another twist in this tale?

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