Theo Hawthorne (William Ellis) was exposed to viewers as the Secret Cam client of Stacey Slater (Lacey Turner) in tonight's dramatic episode of EastEnders (5th July).


This week, Stacey's ex-husband, and father to her children, Martin Fowler (James Bye), has been left disturbed by Theo's generosity in offering to tutor pregnant 13 year old Lily (Lillia Turner).

He suspected that Theo was up to something sinister - especially when he later heard that Theo had bought Lily trainers.

With Theo having been an old teacher of Freddie's (Bobby Brazier), Martin was intrigued when Freddie described how much Theo had changed. Martin asked him about the older man, but Freddie advised him not to think about Theo's kindness too deeply.

Stacey was completely unmoved by Martin's worry over the trainers, insisting that she had dealt with the situation at the time. So he chatted to Lily's aunt, Whitney Dean (Shona McGarty), who has a history of being groomed by older men.

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James Bye as Martin Fowler and Nicola May-Taylor as Gemma in EastEnders.
Martin went to seek answers about Theo. BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron

Whitney told Martin that if he was so concerned over Theo, then he should find out more about him and stop Lily from being anywhere near him. So Martin headed to Theo's old school in Essex, hoping to speak to the headteacher.

With the head absent, the receptionist eventually told Martin that she wouldn't advise trusting Theo, as the school had started an investigation on him, before he had simply fled!

Wasting little time, Martin stormed over to the Slaters', where Theo had been invited to stay for tea after helping Lily with her English lessons.

Martin revealed exactly what he had found out, implying that he thought Theo was a paedophile. Theo replied that he had had a relationship with another member of staff, and when it ended the woman made false allegations about him.

Stacey backed Theo up, believing in him and ordering Martin away unless he apologised. Martin walked out in disbelief, and Theo played nice by telling the Slaters that he understood why Martin wanted to check up on him.

As Theo left, he told Stacey that she and her family were the best thing to happen to him a long time. Later, we saw a lingerie-clad Stacey privately begin a new Secret Cam chat with her client, who wanted to hear about her day.

The scene then cut to the darkened Square outside, where we saw that the man messaging Stacey was none other than Theo himself! Is he simply a lonely man, as an oblivious Stacey has described - or could Theo be sinister and dangerous?

EastEnders continues tomorrow, Thursday 6th July, on BBC Two as Wimbledon coverage continues.

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