Keanu Taylor is in danger as Phil's threats mount amid a kidnapping drama in EastEnders.


Actor Danny Walters made an unannounced return to his role as Keanu Taylor earlier in December.

A subsequent twist showed Keanu in league with DCI Samantha Keeble (Alison Newman), the nemesis of his old love rival Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden).

However, a further twist saw it revealed that Keanu was secretly in league with Phil to bring down Keeble, with an agreement revealing that Phil would let Keanu return to Walford in exchange for his help.

Yet, things got turned on their head when Keanu was revealed to have had a fling with Phil’s sister Sam Mitchell (Kim Medcalf) when they were both in Spain.

In Thursday’s episode (29th December 2022), Phil seemed willing to forgive Keanu for the latest revelation about Sam but when Keanu made clear that he had hoped for a romantic future with Phil’s ex-wife Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean), Phil saw red and told Keanu he did not want him back and their deal was off.

On New Year’s Day, Phil is keen to see in 2023 with fiancée Kat Slater (Jessie Wallace) and the Mitchells at his nightclub, Peggy’s.

Danny Walters as Keanu Taylor in EastEnders
Keanu Taylor arrives at Peggy's amid his feud with Phil BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron

Yet, events take a turn when Keanu arrives and begs Phil to reconsider his demand to leave the Square.

In response, Phil threatens Keanu’s life and warns that Keanu’s mum Karen (Lorraine Stanley) will have to bury her second child.

Keanu then pays a visit to Sharon and their son Albie with a bag packed, but Sharon warns him that he can’t return to Albie’s life if he goes now.

Keanu Taylor and Karen Taylor in EastEnders
Karen Taylor won't let her son Keanu leave without a fight BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron

Seeking to take action, Keanu decides to turn on Phil and pays a visit to Keeble himself.

In Monday’s episode, Phil has a celebratory lunch with the Mitchells when Karen arrives and fiercely confronts him about Keanu, but Phil is not put off.

Phil also smugly speaks of how he has managed to get one over on Keeble and get cousin Billy Mitchell (Perry Fenwick) off the hook.

Kat, meanwhile, voices her concerns about Phil’s actions in a heart-to-heart with ex-husband Alfie Moon (Shane Richie), but he actually sticks up for Phil.

Danny Walters as Keanu Taylor in EastEnders
Will Keanu be able to leave Sharon and Albie behind? BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron

Billy, meanwhile, finally learns the full story about the Keeble mess from Phil and finds his cousin convinced of Keeble’s defeat when the detective rocks up at the club and plays her trump card.

However, Phil calls Keeble’s bluff and the furious detective storms out.

Later, Kat and her son Tommy Moon are bundled into a van.

In Tuesday’s episode, Phil is furious to realise that he has been double-crossed and sets out to take action.

Danny Walters as Keanu Taylor and Letitia Dean as Sharon Watts in EastEnders
Keanu and Sharon share a tender moment as the drama escalates BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron

A horrified Kat and Tommy are taken to an abandoned warehouse as Alfie informs Phil what has happened to them.

A furious Phil refuses to involve the police and heads straight to Sharon’s house to speak to Keanu and force him to contact Keeble and warn her he will find her.

As Keanu complies, Sharon warns him that the only way to save himself from Phil is to help save Kat and Tommy.

Danny Walters as Keanu Taylor and Kim Medcalf as Sam Mitchell in EastEnders
Keanu has an intense discussion with former flame Sam Mitchell BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron

Meanwhile, Keeble herself grows more unstable as the gravity of her actions hits her.

Amid Keeble’s spiral, Kat spots the chance to take her on but then the detective pulls a gun on Kat.

The corrupt cop then calls Phil with a shocking ultimatum.

In Wednesday’s episode, Kat and Tommy remain prisoners of Keeble in the warehouse as Phil plots his next move.

Sam pushes Phil to give in to Keeble but he doubts that the detective will keep her word.

Keanu Taylor, Karen Taylor and Sharon Watts in EastEnders
Karen and Sharon remain by Keanu's side as the issues with Phil escalate BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron

Keeble herself remains on edge and Kat tries to chip away at the detective, prompting Keeble to lose it.

Back in Walford, Sharon implores Keanu to stay in hiding but he remains adamant that he will try to save Kat and Tommy.

Ultimately, Phil lets Keanu join him as they seek to rescue Kat and Tommy.

Danny Walters as Keanu Taylor in EastEnders
Will Keanu Taylor be able to help Phil save Kat and Tommy? BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron

Then, as a final confrontation nears, the pair arrive at the warehouse as a gunshot rings out.

Has the dangerous feud between Phil and Keeble claimed an innocent life?

EastEnders continues on New Year’s Day at 6.30pm on BBC One and from 6am on BBC iPlayer.

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