Kellie Bright has teased her future as Linda Carter in EastEnders after a dramatic Christmas episode.


The actress will remain in the soap following Danny Dyer's departure of his role as Mick Carter on the BBC One show after nine years.

The Christmas Day episode saw Mick Carter wade into the waves of the choppy sea at night in an effort to save Linda.

Unbeknownst to Mick, Linda emerged from the sea herself and joined Janine Butcher (Charlie Brooks) on the shore, and screamed after Mick who had disappeared into the waves.

Speaking to and other press, actress Kellie Bright discussed what life will be like for Linda after Mick’s watery exit.

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Bright revealed: “Well, let's just say Linda doesn't get over this anytime soon. You know, she's not gonna, Mick is the love of her life.”

The actress teased: “I’m only up to Feb but we've just filmed some Valentine's Day stuff and … there’s a little picture of Mick up behind the bar and I'm wishing you Happy Valentine's Day. It's still very … he's still very present for her in that way.

“I do know a little bit about what's in store for Linda, but I can't tell anyone. I've only just found out myself which I'm excited about it, which is really good because there was definitely a moment after Danny went where I just thought, ‘Oh, God, it's so weird here now.' It's so weird being like one half of something almost, you know what I mean? It's that feeling.”

Linda Henry as Shirley Carter and Kellie Bright as Linda Carter in EastEnders
Linda Henry as Shirley Carter and Kellie Bright as Linda Carter in EastEnders. BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron

On how Linda carries on without Mick, Bright added: "Linda is a tough cookie. You know, I've always said she's Barbie with a core of iron. She'll definitely find her way through this.

“And also she's mother to Ollie and Annie, and I think that will drive her forward.”

Bright did note that she's excited for the coming year on the soap. "I know I'm part of something that's going to be quite big and I'm quite excited about that.”

As Danny Dyer revealed his curiosity over “who the f**k they’re gonna put her with”, Bright added that she hoped for no romance for Linda for a while.

Kellie Bright as Linda Carter for EastEnders
Kellie Bright as Linda Carter in EastEnders. BBC / Kieron McCarron

Executive producer Chris Clenshaw said Linda will remain "at the heart" of Albert Square.

"It's so great to have Kellie, what can I tease? I mean, as she says, she's not going to let go of Mick very quickly. She was just reunited with him and then, obviously, he was snatched away from her. So it won't be all smiles straight away, but there are big plans for Linda.”

He teased that Bright would "shoot something in January" as there is the "kind of anniversary in February and it's something that we as a show have not done before and Linda is at the centre".

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