Toyah Battersby's (Georgia Taylor) kidnap terror leads to a gunshot, much to Spider Nugent's (Martin Hancock) horror next week. Will they make it out alive?


Meanwhile, there could be other lives at risk when Elaine Jones (Paula Wilcox) and Tim Metcalfe (Joe Duttine) rumble killer Stephen Reid's (Todd Boyce) scam. Also, Paul Foreman (Peter Ash) struggles to cope with his first gathering with other MND sufferers.

Aadi Alahan (Adam Hussain) finds himself the object of Courtney Vance's (Stephanie Davis) desire; while Max Turner (Paddy Bever) must give Lauren Bolton (Cait Fitton) some news and Rita Tanner (Barbara Knox) learns something about Brian Packham (Peter Gunn).

Here are all your Coronation Street spoilers from 17th - 21st July 2023.

6 Coronation Street spoilers next week

1. Toyah's kidnap ordeal ends in shooting

Toyah and Spider are held at gunpoint in Coronation Street
Who is shot in Coronation Street? ITV

Spider is on a mission, as Toyah is still missing; and he gets a text with instructions to follow, with the threat that Toyah will be killed if he doesn't comply. Leanne Battersby (Jane Danson) tells Nick Tilsley (Ben Price) that Spider has banned her from calling the police, as this could put Toyah's life at risk.

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Arriving at the waste ground, Spider sees that the kidnapper has a gun. When a shot rings out, whose life hangs in the balance? Will Toyah survive this latest brush with death, or could it be Spider who pays the price for his undercover detective work?

2. Tim confronts killer Stephen over Elaine discovery

Stephen Reid is pinned against the wall by Tim Metcalfe in Coronation Street
Tim confronts Stephen over his scam. ITV

When Audrey Roberts (Sue Nicholls) broaches the subject of Elaine's supposed depression with the woman herself, Elaine is mortified and ends up confiding in her over her doubts about Stephen. Audrey assures Elaine that Stephen loves her, but little do they know that Stephen is panicking after hearing that a potential factory buyer is struggling as his wife took her own life, and her life insurance therefore won't pay out.

The penny drops for vile Stephen that he won't be able to pass off Elaine's murder as suicide if he wants to cash in, so he hides the fake suicide note. Elaine tells him it's clear he doesn't love her, so they should cancel the wedding. But when Stephen hears Mary Taylor (Patti Clare) talking about Isabella needing hiking boots so she doesn't fall to her death in the Peak District, Stephen gets an idea. He begs Elaine to give him another chance, booking a romantic break in the Peak District.

But just as they are preparing to go, Elaine spots a family photo and recognises Gabrielle (Helene Maksoud), Stephen's ex, as the 'business associate' he was on a Zoom call with. Elaine leaves to confide in son Tim, and the pair later find the forged life insurance documents. Tim confronts Stephen alone, revealing he plans to go to the police; but a struggle ensues. Will Tim be Stephen's latest victim?

Well, in the aftermath, Audrey suspects that innocent Elaine was planning to bump off Stephen to claim on the insurance, not the other way around! As Craig Tinker (Colson Smith) calls round with news from the hospital, who has been injured - and is a death on the way?

3. Paul flees from tough MND meeting

Peter Ash as Paul Foreman, with Shelly in Coronation Street
Peter Ash as Paul Foreman, with Shelly in Coronation Street. ITV

After a turbulent few weeks, Paul finally confided in partner Billy Mayhew (Daniel Brocklebank) that he was struggling to come to terms with his terminal diagnosis of Motor Neurone Disease. Billy gently suggested that Paul attend a support group, and next week, Paul heads to his first meeting.

A girl called Shelly introduces herself, but Paul becomes overwhelmed at the sight of her wheelchair and ends up fleeing. Faced with a reminder of his future, can Paul find the strength to return to the group and hear the journeys of fellow sufferers? Or will he find another way to gain support?

4. Aadi's new job leads to forbidden romance

Adam Hussain as Aadi Alahan and Stephanie Davis as Courtney Vance in Coronation Street
Adam Hussain as Aadi Alahan and Stephanie Davis as Courtney Vance in Coronation Street. ITV

Aadi flirts with Amy Barlow (Elle Mulvaney) as she arrives for work; but he's disappointed when dad Dev (Jimmi Harkishin) explains that Aadi is joining him for golf while Asha (Tanisha Gorey) shows Amy the ropes. At golf, local entrepreneur Darren Vance (Ryan Early) reveals his business plans to Dev, who suggests Aadi as Darren's right hand man.

Aadi takes the job, and tries to impress in his suit - and he's thrilled when Amy invites him to join her at a charity gala. Aadi tries to talk to Darren about Dev, who wants to invest in his business, but soon it's clear that Darren only wants Aadi around to pick up his wife from an event that night, meaning Aadi will have to let Amy down.

Aadi collects Darren's wife Courtney, and when she asks him to take her for a kebab, Aadi finds himself enjoying her company. Later in the week, Aadi hopes to sit in on Darren's meeting, only to be asked to take Courtney shopping instead. Aadi tells Courtney he was hoping this job would give him business experience and allow him to share his own ideas.

Courtney reveals she has an MBA and suggests that Aadi share his ideas with her instead. Courtney and Aadi persuade Darren to accept a meeting with Dev, and Aadi later gets a text from Courtney to meet in Darren's office. But when he arrives, Aadi finds only Courtney is there, and she leans in for a kiss, making it clear she has the hots for him. Will he respond?

5. Max delivers news for Lauren after ultimatum

Lauren with Max and Shona in the café in Coronation Street
Max gives Lauren an ultimatum. ITV

Lauren tells Max that her right-wing dad, Reece (Scott Anson) has asked her to support him at his sentencing. Max makes it clear that if Lauren agrees, she'll be on her own from now on.

It looks like Lauren takes his words on board, as it's Max who later has to tell her that her dad has been sentenced to 18 years in prison for his extremist crimes. Will this help Lauren, who was groomed as well as Max, to move on from the vile gang's actions?

6. Rita clocks Brian's feelings for Mary

Brian and Isabella in Coronation Street
Brian wants rid of Isabella as he pines for Mary. ITV

When Brian admits to Mary (Patti Clare) that he's had enough of Isabella (Flaminia Cinque), Mary urges him to be honest with her. But the two women end up clashing, and it's then that Rita spots the wistful gaze on Brian's face and realises that he has feelings for Mary. Isabella, meanwhile, catches Brian on the phone to her builder in Naples, and realises that he wants her to leave.

Brian admits this, but Isabella bursts into tears and admits that he is her only friend! Still, Brian and Mary end up waving Isabella off at the airport, where Brian thanks Mary for her support. With his feelings clearly running much deeper than he lets on, will Brian tell Mary how much she means to him?

For information and support on all aspects of motor neurone disease, visit the MND Association's website or call the charity on 0808 802 6262.

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