Coronation Street's Paul Foreman (Peter Ash) promised his family that he would never give up tonight (30th May) as they rallied round after he announced his terminal diagnosis of Motor Neurone Disease.


Paul had been determined to protect twin sister Gemma Winter (Dolly-Rose Campbell) and their mum Bernie (Jane Hazlegrove) from the truth until after Gemma's wedding to Chesney Brown (Sam Aston). But after the wedding, Gemma sensed something was wrong with Paul when he cut off his speech at the reception.

After Paul admitted that he was dying, Bernie overheard and accused him of telling a wicked lie – but as he sobbed and explained that he had MND, Bernie clung to her son while Gemma could barely take in the news.

Aware that Ches and the guests were waiting, Gemma was too stunned to move, but Paul insisted that they carry on with the party, first dance included. Gemma eventually returned to the dance floor with Paul and Bernie, where she danced with her new husband while trying to hold back her tears.

As Paul's partner Billy Mayhew (Daniel Brocklebank) hugged him and told him how proud he was that he'd told his loved ones about his illness, Bernie shared a look with Billy. Meanwhile, Gemma decided not to tell Ches what was wrong when he noticed her sombre mood, pretending she was simply happy.

Paul smiled through tears as he watched on, and stepped in to cover for Gemma's sadness as he dragged her to join him in a duet – just as Billy and Bernie discussed their own reactions to the situation and agreed to savour every bit of joy they could in the forthcoming days ahead.

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In true Bernie style, she stole from the buffet paid for by Linda Hancock (Jacqueline Leonard), but managed to make amends with a drunk Linda after their bickering. Paul then asked Gemma to honour her promise to 'twerk' on the dance floor, making him laugh with delight as she did so.

Later, back at the Winter-Brown house, Chesney reeled after being told Paul's news. As Bernie asked Paul whether anything could be done to help him, Paul explained that there was a new drug he could get tested for.

Ches wondered if this was a cure, and Paul had to break the news that there is no cure for Motor Neurone Disease, but that the drug could give him more time. Gemma suggested that this might allow time for a cure to be found, while Bernie urged him to stay positive. Paul then vowed that he would keep fighting as the family pulled together for a group hug.

Coronation Street continues tomorrow and all this week at the earlier time of 7.30pm on ITV.

For information and support on all aspects of motor neurone disease, visit the MND Association's website or call the charity on 0808 802 6262.

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