There were rare happy scenes for Abi Webster (Sally Carman) in tonight's Coronation Street (17th June), as she was finally reunited with baby son Alfie.


It's been a tough few months for fan-favourite Abi, who gave birth to the little boy back in March despite being unaware she was even pregnant! Having briefly relapsed with cocaine, social services placed a care order on the baby, but when Imran Habeeb (Charlie de Melo) discovered he was the father he went from offering his help, to ruthlessly trying to gain custody with wife Toyah (Georgia Taylor).

Imran secretly arranged to frame Abi for continued drug use, ensuring that he won the battle to look after Alfie. But Imran was recently killed in a car crash caused by Toyah, all while in the midst of trying to put right his mistakes.

Charlie de Melo as Imran Habeeb in Coronation Street
Imran framed Abi in Coronation Street ITV

As a result, Abi was left nervously awaiting her latest court hearing over Alfie this week. Now that she and husband Kevin (Michael Le Vell) are back together, she has a strong support system in place, but was warned the best outcome was that she and her son are placed with a foster carer until she proves herself.

Before the hearing began, Abi headed out of the room for a moment alone. There, a woman spotted her with her head in her hands and asked if she was okay. Abi scoffed, complaining about the judicial system and the fact that the judge was likely to be an "old fart", so the decision wouldn't go her way.

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She was then horrified when the same woman appeared in the courtroom - she was the judge! Abi squirmed in her seat as she told Kevin of her mistake. After the local authority solicitor listed her failings as a mother, Abi's solicitor Elliott acknowledged her past but implored the judge to recognise her renewed efforts to be a parent.

The two men were then concerned when Abi insisted on speaking up for herself. But as she apologised for her earlier outburst and accepted that she had made many mistakes, Abi vowed that she was ready to be Alfie's mother.

The judge clarified that her decision was based only on what she heard within the court, before going on to agree that the baby would be placed in her care - but under the supervision of a foster carer, so Abi must show that she can put Alfie's needs first. Abi was overjoyed, and later met their new carer - Wendy Papadopoulos (Roberta Kerr).

Although fans know Wendy has a past in Weatherfield, she stayed quiet when Abi mentioned she was from Coronation Street - but her connections won't be a secret for long!

As Abi cradled Alfie in her arms, she spoke tenderly to him. It was a long-earned moment for her after a year of constant turmoil, and these heartwarming scenes were once again played beautifully by Sally Carman.

Will Abi's happiness last? We can only hope so!

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