Panic set in for Imran Habeeb (Charlie de Melo) in tonight’s Coronation Street (13th May) as his lies were exposed.


Imran recently paid a man called Ben to follow Abi Webster (Sally Carman), the mother of his baby son Alfie, in order to prove that the recovering addict was back on drugs. After Ben revealed he had seen Abi handing money over to dealer Dean, he offered to lie in court that he had seen drugs change hands.

Imran took Ben up on this, and therefore he was granted custody of Alfie. His wife Toyah (Georgia Taylor) has no idea of his deception, believing that they are the best option to care for the baby while Abi gets back on her feet.

Tonight, while Toyah had another crisis of confidence over people judging her for being a parent to another woman’s baby, Imran was dealing with blackmail. Wanting cash for drugs himself, Ben paid Imran a visit and demanded more money for helping him secure custody in such a vicious way. Imran paid him, before asserting that Ben wouldn’t get another penny more.

Intent on uncovering the truth of Imran’s deception, Abi watched on as she realised that Ben was trying to score drugs on the phone, before approaching and threatening to send an incriminating video to his boss unless he confessed to setting her up.

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Later, we learned that Abi’s plotting had worked as her solicitor Elliot contacted Imran to arrange a meeting. Elliot added that he had received evidence of Imran framing Abi, and told him that if he didn’t comply, he would be forced to report Imran to the police for perjury and perverting the course of justice.

Imran’s business partner Adam Barlow (Sam Robertson) was stunned and furious when he witnessed the revelation, knowing that this very serious situation could cost him his reputation and livelihood.

Imran had no choice but to agree to Elliot’s meeting, and Abi was pleased by the development. But as he returned home to Toyah and his son, a rattled Imran tried to maintain a calm exterior as she chatted excitedly about the naming ceremony for Alfie.

But with the happy occasion taking place on the same day as the dreaded meeting, and Toyah still oblivious to everything he’s done, will the full extent of Imran’s tactics come out mid-celebration?

How will Toyah react if she finds out – and will Abi be able to get her baby back in the aftermath?

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