Abi Webster (Sally Carman) vowed to be reunited with her baby son Alfie after his father Imran Habeeb's (Charlie de Melo) ruthless tactics in tonight's Coronation Street (6th May).


Earlier in the week, Abi attended a court hearing about Alfie's future, during which Imran presented false evidence that she was taking drugs again. Although the judge expertly called Imran out on his unethical practices in having Abi followed, she believed in the proof and granted Imran custody of the baby boy.

In the latest instalment of the ITV soap, Abi had double the reason to be struggling, as it was also the anniversary of the death of eldest son Seb Franklin (Harry Visinoni) who was murdered in a vicious hate crime last year.

In mourning for the loss of both sons in very different circumstances, Abi visited Alfie in the hospital before he was due to be taken home by Imran and his new wife Toyah (Georgia Battersby). She spent some precious time with him, explaining how much she loves him; before making the impulsive decision to try and take him herself.

Toyah arrived before Abi could take action, but it was clear to her what had been about to happen. With Abi convinced that Toyah merely wanted Alfie for herself, Toyah appealed to her that if she truly wanted Abi out of the picture she would already have called hospital security.

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Eventually, she convinced Abi not to take Alfie - but Imran walked in and overheard their conversation. He was furious and felt this only proved he had made the right decision. Meanwhile, Abi attended a vigil for Seb and shared some heartfelt words about both her boys.

Later, as Imran and Toyah settled Alfie in at home with them, Imran stared at one of the baby's teddy bears. He then slipped out to visit Abi, where he gave her the toy as a reminder of Alfie.

Abi Webster in Coronation Street
Abi Webster is not giving up her baby boy without a fight ITV

Abi was stunned at his nerve, and told Imran that she knew his lies would be exposed one day soon - and she would be there to see it and get her son back. She was then left alone, cradling the bear in her arms as she hummed a lullaby.

Will Abi be able to prove what Imran has done - and can she ever gain custody of Alfie?

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