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6 Coronation Street spoilers for next week: Max is blackmailed and Audrey has an accident

Also, an old face returns, Sally is frustrated with Tim, Peter tries to outsmart Thorne, and Maria has a plan!

Published: Tuesday, 14th June 2022 at 7:00 am
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There's another dramatic week in Weatherfield, and teen Max Turner's (Paddy Bever) fresh start doesn't last long when his date with classmate Sonya leads to huge trouble. Elsewhere, Audrey Roberts' (Sue Nicholls) drinking spirals and she ends up having a fall in the salon. Later, her son Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce) arrives from Italy.


Tim (Joe Duttine) and Sally Metcalfe (Sally Dynevor) are still navigating their intimacy problem, while Peter Barlow (Chris Gascoyne) is intent on catching out Mr Thorne for his wrongdoing. Maria Connor (Samia Longchambon), meanwhile, finds herself fixated on fixing the refuse service after a strike breaks out. It's a tough job being a councilwoman!

Here's all you can expect on Coronation Street from 20th - 24th June 2022.

1. Max is blackmailed

Max faces fresh trouble in Coronation Street (ITV)

Since accepting punishment for his recent misdemeanours, Max seems to be thriving at his new school, a pupil referral unit. He's even struck up a romance with new pal Sonya. But next week everything descends into yet more drama, as Max gets a message from Sonya asking for a photo of 'the whole package'. Stunned, Max relents and at home, unbuttons his shirt...

Later, confused Sonya tells him she never received any messages and certainly didn't send any. The pair soon realise they've been set up, and Max's phone reveals a new message demanding £1k and if he doesn't comply, his naked picture will go viral. Later in the week, Max's dad David Platt (Jack P Shepherd) refuses to pay the blackmail money and tells Max to go to school as normal. At the bus stop, his pals Chris and Blake quote his messages to Sonya and the penny drops. What will Max do next?

2. Audrey has an emergency


It's all go at the Platts, as Audrey also takes centre stage. For quite some time, her daughter Gail (Helen Worth) has been concerned about Audrey's drinking, and as she asks Shona Platt (Julia Goulding) to keep an eye on her, Shona agrees so long as Gail disposes of the Thai ornament. Audrey later goes missing, and when Gail finds her at the Rovers she tries to prise a bottle of wine from her.

Audrey buries the hatchet with old friend Rita Tanner (Barbara Knox) as they share a toast, and Rita suggests that Audrey returns to work at the barbers. David isn't keen, and things get worse when Audrey cracks open the wine and flirts with client Ryan Connor (Ryan Prescott). David tries to send his gran home, but she trips over the Thai elephant and falls to the floor.

Maria later finds a tipsy Audrey playing table football with Ryan, and Audrey refuses to listen to her. When Gail once again raises the issue of her drinking problem, Audrey hits the roof and announces she's moving back home. Back at the barbers, Audrey staggers into the motorbike and as it topples over, she is once again knocked over and left trapped.

3. her son Stephen returns

Stephen comes to his mother's rescue (ITV)

Poor Audrey is left at the salon all night, with no one realising she is missing due to her earlier declaration. She's found by a passing Brian Packham (Peter Gunn) and Elaine Jones (Paula Wilcox) who rush to help. At that moment, Audrey's son Stephen arrives and is shocked to find his mum barely conscious.

Stephen is furious with his family for failing to notice Audrey's absence, and as he climbs into the ambulance, Gail is guilt-ridden and worried sick. Will Audrey be OK, and will she accept help for her dependency on alcohol? And is Stephen, who is back after 15 years, here to stay?

4. Tim's intimacy issues continue


Although Tim finally visited the doctor to address his problems being intimate with Sally, he's dismayed that changing his medication hasn't made a difference. Tim is worried their sex life is over for good, but Sally insists that she loves him no matter what. Dr Gaddas recommends that the couple see a sex therapist, but he's not keen on the idea.

Going along with it anyway, Tim and Sally are asked to gaze into each other's eyes. But Tim feels awkward and says the whole thing is a con and a waste of time. Sally is left disappointed, and is further let down when Tim seems more concerned with Aggie (Lorna Laidlaw) and Ed Bailey's (Trevor Michael Georges) marriage. Feeling ignored on their date night, Sally heads home. Can Tim make things right?

5. Peter tries to take down Thorne

peter barlow coronation street

After a meeting with his solicitor nephew Adam (Sam Robertson), Peter is more angry than ever over the situation with ex-surgeon Mr Thorne. It seems there isn't enough evidence to bring the man to justice over the way he conducted Peter's operation last year. Peter's wife Carla (Alison King) advises him to let it go, but Peter refuses.

Dad Ken (William Roache) and son Simon (Alex Bain) are later concerned when Peter vows to get Thorne to confess to malpractice. Luring him to a meeting, Peter demands a confession and full apology; but Thorne works out his game and Peter is forced to reveal his phone which is recording their conversation. How will their showdown end?

6. Maria deals with a strike


Maria is upset to learn that the recycling collectors are heading for a strike, and it's down to her after she arranged for extra bins to be set up. She tells husband Gary Windass (Mikey North) it's all her fault, and ends up meeting with a team leader from the refuse workers' dept.

Offering to propose a pay rise due to creating the extra workload, Maria is hopeful she can convince the binmen to return to work. Will her efforts pay off?

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