As we head towards the conclusion of Gen V, season 1 episode 6 has just delivered one of the show's most highly anticipated cameos - the return of Jensen Ackles's Soldier Boy.


The character was first introduced in The Boys season 3, at the end of which he was stored away, unconscious, in government custody.

Given this, fans were certainly curious as to how the already announced cameo would take place - and it's safe to say they likely didn't guess exactly how it went down.

In episode 6, titled Jumaji, Cate (Maddie Phillips) experiences a seizure and through her telepathic powers ended up pulling Marie (Jaz Sinclair), Andre (Chance Perdomo) and Jordan (Derek Luh/London Thor) into her subconscious, through which they experienced a combination of her memories and imagination.

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While inside Cate's mind and searching for her, the trio happened across a vision of Soldier Boy, who told them he was Cate's imaginary boyfriend when she was young.

What followed was all the profanity and sex references you can imagine, before Soldier Boy warned them that they needed to find Cate before they got stuck in her mind forever.

The sixth episode of the spin-off show arrived just hours after it was confirmed that Gen V would be returning for a second season.

This first season has been warmly received by fans for its characters and strong performances from the cast, as well as for its similarity in tone (and goriness) to The Boys.

Of course, Soldier Boy isn't the only cameo we've seen so far. A-Train, The Deep, Madelyn Stillwell and more have made appearances throughout this first season, while the show also introduced a classic comics character who had previously been mentioned on the main show, but never appeared.

Tek Knight, played by Derek Wilson, was introduced in episode 4, where he attempted to bring down Dean Shetty, until she blackmailed him by threatening to reveal his interesting compulsion.

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